Saturday, July 12, 2014

15k: Buickustom: :'46-'71 Tucker Torpedo Riviera

In 1946 Preston Tucker announced the first concept for Tucker Automobile, a wild looking thing called the Tucker Torpedo.  The Torpedo featured pontoon-like fenders mounted to the front wheel hubs that allowed the headlamps to swivel and a wild steering wheel mounted gauge cluster, but those nutty features never went into production.  Naturally, someone built an homage to Preston Tucker's dream car out of a 70s era Boat-Tail Riviera.  Find this '46-'71 Tucker Torpedo Riviera currently bidding for $11,100 reserve-not-met with 4 days to go in Brockton, MA via ebay.

Well now...other than being front engined and having the two outboard lights turning instead of the 'cyclops' middle light turning, I'm sure its just what Preston Tucker had in mind.  The styling cues on the fenders are more LaSalle than Tucker, the nose is more Graham than either.  The front looks like its actually an extenision of the already huge Riviera hood... would probably have a hard time passing the Euro pedestrian safety standard!

By putting the Tucker Basdges on it, does that make it a Tucker?....especially when I see what appears to be a 1970 Mustang fake brake cooling vent tacked onto the side.  Shoulda shot the moon and put some Rolls Royce badges on it!

One might expect that the front seats, which look like a deflated sex doll, are probably from the donor Riviera, but the seats we can find on the internet look different.  Regardless, this thing has had months of work put into it and countless dollars wasted spent.

Is that Clint Eastwood's backyard from Gran Torino?  Read more about the actual Tucker Torpedo here on kustomorama.  Originally seen on jalopnik in an article by the Torch.


  1. Wow... I am struck by how the needle wildly swings between Fascination and Horror.

    Fascination due to the level of effort and (for lack of a better term) craftsmanship that went into the build.

    Horror due to the poor victim... one of my all-time favorite Buicks.

    Like some exotic animal roadkill, you just have to look, and then regret it.

  2. This car is just begging to be tweaked into a low rider.

  3. What a disgusting monstrosity. Can't believe someone chopped up a beautiful Riviera to make this piece of shite. May he rot in hell.

  4. At first I thought the badge on the glove box said "Sucker".

  5. Looks like it was designed by Homer Simpson.

  6. Honestly, that Riv was one of the dumbest Buicks ever built. This may be its highest and best use ...

  7. This has to be the most grotesque excuse for an automobile I have ever seen. Preston Tucker and the designer of the Riviera must both be spinning in their graves. Neither the Tucker nor the Riviera were great beauties, but the hideousness of this vehicle defiles both names.

    I am stunned that people are actually bidding on it! I wouldn't be seen dead in it on the street. Perhaps are bidding to be able to claim that they own the world's ugliest automobile?

  8. Well they got the right number of headlights ! What a freakin mess !

  9. What a freaking Mess! Just amazing what people will do with ther spare time. "Honey, what the hell are you doing out in the garage?"..."Nothing Sweetness..jess tinkering." "Its Alive"!

  10. Lighten Up Francis!

    While I understand the strong reaction to this puzzling, enigmatic and confounding creation, I think the level of vitriol is much too high in some of these comments. Clearly, this was someone's labor of love and possibly, a significant portion of their life's work. Even if you hate this creation, keep in mind that someone LOVED this car. Enough to put an ungodly amount of thought, hours and money into it. And, to be honest, it appears they were able to make their vision become a reality.

    A car like this is more similar to objects like Watt's Tower (LA), the Heidelberg Project (Detroit) and The Orange Show (in Houston) and Carhenge (Nebraska) than other cars.

    Unattractive? Perhaps. Impressive? Absolutely.

    1. +1000. I'm kind of enchanted by this thing. It is kind of horrible, but someone really had a vision and appears to have done a hell of a job creating it. The more I look at it, the more I love it just for its crazy "I'm not a Barris car but I could be!" aesthetic and build.

  11. I’m sorry. Not to knock all the work of who built it but this is an automotive abomination. Even Herman Munster would choke on his own vomit if he saw this mess of cobbled garbage. At least Barris’ cars had somewhat of a theme to them. The theme to this is tow me off to the scrap yard.

  12. My husband and I passed this on the highway last weekend. Thanks for this article - you solved a great mystery for us.

  13. I agree with Steve. In spite of not finding this even remotely appealing, it's still someone's hard work and vision and they probably love it (at least I hope they do) so I can respect it from that perspective.

    Hat's off to those who dare to be different.


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