Saturday, July 19, 2014

10k: XXL In The City: 1972 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham

 Big city life is horrible.  First, you are forced to live in tiny apartments only affordable because of draconian rent control rules that mean your neighbors pay 75 cents a month to live and the slumlord owners won't fix the hot water heater because he just replaced it in the 70s.  If living like a great white shark in a kiddy pool isn't bad enough, the streets outside are no better.  The main streets are are congested like the arteries of a baconivore, so you hop on the alleyways only to find they too have turned into mini bypasses filled with litter and hobos.  But the worst part is this; when you need to park a car.  Forget about finding a spot, particularly if your vehicle is large...and large means it's longer than a shoebox.  Will a Camry fit in that spot?  Probably not?  What about a classic Chrysler New Yorker that is as big as a whale?  Forget it, I'm moving to the country.  Find this 1972 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham offered for $8,500 in San Francisco, CA via craigslist.  Another Kaibeezy find.

This Chrysler New Yorker measures an impressively long 18 feet and 8 inches, is 6 feet and 8 inches wide, and tips the scales at 4800 lbs.   Sort of like the incredible Hulk with a black vinyl toupee.  This car is so large that you cannot find a single parking lot in The City were it does not cover a little bit of red curb.

The owner claims an all original 36k miles on the odometer, which means this 440 cubic inch piece of Mopar madness is just getting broken in.  The big V8 is rated at 225 SAE net horsepower and 345 ft-lbs of torque with single exhaust, but it is important to point out that previous version of this same engine with 300 SAE gross horsepower ratings put out the same actual power. 

If you've got an edamame covered exterior on a car, what is the likely color choice for the inside...well... more edamame, because who doesn't love vitamins, fiber and protein in a salt snackable product.

See another oversized city dweller looking to get out to the country?


  1. Well, with that handicap plate he doesn't have to feed the meter for whatever space (or multiple spaces) he crams the behemoth into.

  2. What would we do baby without Kaibeezy?

    And there ain't no nothing we can't help each other through
    What would we do baby without Kaibeezy. Sha-la-la-la

  3. In my neighborhood in Manhattan, you get free parking if you live in public housing. IKYN

  4. The classic American land barge. Just pull off the wheels and stick it in the ocean. Friends of mine had these cars in high school often handed down to them from their parents and I used to call them things like the Dodge Mastodon or Chrysler Wooly Mammoth. They had more than enough room to sleep in, ice cold A/C in the summer and the pleated vinyl seats were very good at catching the seeds when they were picked out from the pot stash- Ah, memories of the 1980's!


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