Wednesday, July 30, 2014

10k: Low Buck Vintage Rally: 1972 Saab Sonett

The North American Vintage Rally scene consists of  mostly TSD (time-speed-distance) and caravan style events (e.g. Targa California) with an emphasis on classic cars.  You don't need to have a $50k restored trailer queen to enter most of these events and you'll probably have more fun trying to keep up with your co-participants in a V4 powered Saab then trying to keep your foot off the loud pedal of a '63 Vette.  You could find a cheap Sonett and spend a few months restoring it to road-ready condition, or save a few bucks and pick up something that has absorbed a ton of the previous guy's money/ this 1972 Saab Sonett offered for $8,000 in Sausalito, CA via craigslist.  Tip from Kaibeezy & Gianni.

The Sonett is a perfect for a vintage event and will get more compliments and questions from bystanders than even the nicest Ferrari.  There is a certain price point on a car at which other gearheads sort of gawk and leave the owner alone.  This car falls well under the price of approachability and will make you new friends at every gas station.

Under the hood of this Sonett is pure Scandinavian funkiness -- just check out that radiator overflow container; it looks like a roll hoop.  The air cleaner looks like something from an alien spaceship crossed with a set of Mickey Mouse ears. 

This Sonett has been given a significant amount of reconditioning by the current owner, including a rebuilt transmission and a list of new parts a mile long. 

See another cool vintage rally ready classic for less?


  1. Seller must have gotten lucky or bored this morning as the ad's been pulled. I like the clean look provided by the bumper delete and the pure Saab funkiness of the lumbar/kidney pillow that can slide up/down the seat-back (see white elastic strap on seat).

  2. I've always like these for their quirkiness, and in spite of their fragility. That Ford V-4 is such a downer, though...

  3. I have driven one before. My sisters high school boy friend won one in a raffle. Pretty fun and neat but very narrow. I think you would need to be a svelte swede to drive it.


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