Friday, July 11, 2014

10k: Diesel Power: 1982 Volkswagen Type 2 T3 Tischer Camper

We've featured a number of RVs recently that have been met with positive comments and back-pats all around.  While I don't want to turn the site into a parade of motorhomes, it won't hurt to post a few once in a while....right?  Find this 1982 Volkswagen Type 2 T3 Camper offered for  $5,900 reserve-not-met with a few hours to go.

This diesel powered Type 2 T3 camper will be extraordinarily slow give you plenty to time to enjoy the scenery on your next vacation while returning impressively high fuel economy figures. The 1.6 liter non-turbo diesel engine produces something like negative 5 horsepower when the AC is on.

At least it is a manual transmission so that you can manually select first gear for any hills, speed bumps, and headwinds.  But this thing isn't about the driving experience, it is about heading out on the open road with your family in a cramped space with a toilet that functions 50% of the time.

This T3 was modified by Tischer into a wide/long bodied mobile domicile, and looks like it would be a fair bit roomier than the average Westfalia-converted Bus or Vanagon. With that big body comes more frontal area, weight, and drag, to slow you down even further. It seems this one was recently imported from Europe, so if you're interested - do your research on paperwork required for registration in your home state. Otherwise you could end up with a very boxy driveway ornament - hey, at least it would be a place for the in-laws to stay.

See a better small camper for the family man?


  1. Very cool. You see VW conversions in Germany, but they seldom make it stateside.

  2. Owned an '82 D-Westy. The ad states this will run at 60-65. From experience I am assuming that is km/hr.

    1. LoL, I owned a '72 with a Type IV and I could hit 65 mph going downhill with a tailwind.
      This is however an interesting vehicle, it would make a pretty cool get-a-way weekender.


  3. The Rialta VW conversions are quite nice. Lower stance and more compact than this. The one I rode in had a tuned up VR6 and was actually pretty peppy with 8 adults riding in it.

    1. Forgot about the Rialta. You can find those.


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