Friday, June 6, 2014

Reader Ride: Sean's Camaro

After announcing our Reader Rides feature, we received a decent number of entries. Instead of trying to pick the best to post first, we are just going to feature cars on an as submitted basis - so if you sent yours in yesterday, just hang tight, you'll see it soon.  Today we'll kick things off with Sean S's 1969 Chevrolet Camaro convertible.

In Sean S's own words:

I have been building this 69 Camaro for a few years. It has a built roller small block, tremec 5 speed, 12 bolt posi rear. I also added 4 wheel disc brakes and bigger sway bars. It’s not a real RS/SS  Getting close to finishing it up. Still need to get the top installed and also the engine was build to run a procharger blower.

Even a die-hard Ford enthusiast will have to admit that this is a nice looking automobile.  This looks like one of those labors of love that will be in Sean's garage or terrorizing the local back streets for years and I wouldn't expect to see this for sale on DT until Sean is drooling on himself in a nursing home...but by then all the gasoline will have been used up and we'll be flying around in solar-electric hovercraft, so this thing will be cheap!!

We hope Sean sends us some follow-up pics when the car is complete.

Got your own ride and want to share? Send us some pics. You can just free form your words, or follow this questionaire.

Year / Make / Model / Trim ?
How long have you owned it?
Why did you buy it?
What do you use it for (commute, fun, racing...etc)?
Is it stock or modified? If modified, please list some modifications.
What was the most memorable day in your car (proposed to wife, 3rd child born in back seat...etc)?
What was the most catastrophic failure of parts/components?
What makes you want to keep owning this car?
Will you ever sell it?

Send your submissions to


  1. Nice car Sean. What wheels are you using? They look big, but appropriately big and the car is low enough for them.

    1. They look vaguely reminiscent of the Edelbrock 454 wheels... but updated/modernized. You may be familiar with that style as it's similar to the wheels used on "Eleanor" in the Nic Cage reboot of Gone in 60 seconds.

  2. I am honored DT, thank you. I promise to do some huge burn-outs when completed. I will send a video or picture once I get the supercharger on.

    Scooter, they are 17" American Racing Daytona WHEELS. My friends like to give me a hard time that they look Ford-ish. In retrospect maybe not the best choice but I like them.

  3. The "Eleanor" wheel is actually made by PS Engineering (now in LaHabra). They supply them to Factory Five for their Cobra kits. They also have several other wheels that you'd recognize .

  4. Sweet ride, Sean!! Looks fantastic!

    This first reader ride feature has set the bar rather high for the rest of us. Thanks for that, DT.

  5. With so many Camaros out there tgis would be the one I want!


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