Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mid Week Match-Up: Insanity Under $1,500.

Last Wednesday's Mid Week Match-Up (legal disclosure; the staff and benefactors of Daily Turismo will not be responsible for any civil or criminal matters pursuant to buying a reader or blogger recommended car, including but not limited to; spousal abuse (received or given), DUII (driving under influence of the internet), gas fume inhalation, fiery death, Volvistis, et cetera.) was by all accounts a raging success with scores of good suggestions from readers. This week, we will continue the tradition and include a request from oppositelock user Pixel who writes:

Well we have one old battered but reliable but zero-option pickup in the driveway, along with two dead-reliable responsible fuel-efficient daily drivers. So clearly we need the most ridiculous, irresponsible, insane vehicle possible that is driveable, under $1500 and under 18 feet long(because that is how big our garage is). We're in RI if that matters.

The answer is simple, pick up a cheap 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX like this one offered for $1,800 in Westerly, RI via craigslist and boost the crap out of it until the engine explodes. The 1st generation Eclipse GSX (or Eagle Talon TSi AWD and Plymouth Laser RS Turbo AWD) was available with a 2.0 liter turbocharged engine, 5-speed manual and factory all wheel drive.  The engine only put out 190 horsepower from the factory and hardly needed all wheel drive to put the power down. Remove the stock restrictive Garrett T25 turbocharger and replace it with something like MHI's 16G and engine parts will go flying into the hood faster than you can say street race yo.

What would you recommend for something insane and less than $1500?  Comments below.

Want to be the subject of a future Mid Week Match-Up?  Send us a list of requirements:


  1. About the farthest thing from the above street-race special: 1972 MIDGET!

  2. Hard to argue with the '33 above, but how about a Lada Niva?

  3. I know you're in Rhode Island and the shipping totally kills this deal... b-b-but 2x SHO's!!!

    Edit: Each time I try to post this with a link done per commandment III I get a "BLOGGER" error.

  4. It doesn't get much more dangerous than a Jeep, especially one built before seatbelts were invented and that has no brakes.

    < a href="">

  5. The 1933 Ford roundy round racer is the best ever. Just the right patina. Just get it running and head to cars and coffee in your town and watch the white beards and Hawaiian shirts go crazy with nostalgia!!


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