Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day Special: What Car Would You Pick For Your Dad?

 Happy Father's day to all you with kids, or pets that look like you, or both!  We thought it would be interesting to ask our readers what they would get their Dad from the automotive world.  Before having kids, my father used to drive such classics as an MG TF, 49 Ford, Chevy Vega, but once kids started popping out he changed to things like a sky blue Ford LTD sedan, a Dodge Van and later he discovered the wonderful world of Mercedes diesel sedans.  W123s littered my parents driveway many years ago, but his current ride is a W210 E300D that has something nearing 400k miles on the clock.  For a replacement, I can't think of anything better than this 1991 Mercedes-Benz 560SEL currently bidding for $11,210 reserve-not-met with $22,500 buy-it-now on ebay, located in Santa Monica, CA.

The W126 generation S-class is truly a special vehicle.   The Mercedes-Benz W126 class lasted for a remarkable 12 year production run (1979-1991), a record since Mercedes started building their flagship mega-boats in the early 1960s. The best S-Class to get is always the flagship long wheel base gigantic-engine variant with all the options. This is the kind of car that my old man should have picked up instead of some clackity-rackity diesel, but he loves those mpgs.

This 560SEL is equipped with Stuttgart's finest M117 5.5 liter V8 engine, pushing 322 horsepower through a flagpole length driveshaft and into a self leveling rear end.  Hope those parts don't fail because repairs will cost about as much as the average Saab.  But, with only 30k miles on the odometer, this one should last for years without problems...right? In truth, this W123 generation 300D is more my dad's style and it is also a low mile classic.

What would you suggest for your dad?  Comments below.


  1. Timeless luxury... and it must be special as it has: "automatic transmission with torque converter"

  2. A supercharged Studebaker Hawk. Because he wanted one since they were new and he was young. And, after he drove it a couple times and scared the crap out of himself he would get pissed and give it back to me. Win, win.

  3. Dad wants a diesel wagon with all wheel drive and a manual transmission. But short of moving to Europe he's not getting his wish granted anytime soon. I really hope one of the auto manufactures steps up to the plate quickly because it's becoming almost a full time job keeping his 2000 Audi A6 on the road.

  4. My Dad was a WWII vet, a chemistry prof/administrator and had 7 kids. So, for most of his time as a dad it was a Beetle for him to get to work and a wagon to schlep kids with. However, I do know that in the mid-60's he got to drive an XKE and loved it. When I was a senior in highschool ('71-'72) we went car shopping. We started at the Jag/Fiat store. He looked at the Jags, drove a 124 sport, then headed to the Datsun dealership and sat in a 240Z. The car shopping was a daydreaming adventure. Ultimately, we ended up with an Opel Manta Rallye from his brother's Buick dealership. Unfortunately , his last ride was in a hearse, but if you get to pick your rides in heaven, he's finally getting to enjoy the Jag he always wanted, with no one going slow in the left lane in front of him!

  5. A red prius convertible would be my dad's dream ride. He doesn't care about performance (or looks for that matter) but he loves the futuristic-ness of the prius, loves red and loves convertibles. His problem with most modern convertibles is that ride is too "harsh". So its either the prius convertible or a Bentley Continental GT convertible. Luckily, both are equally as easy to come by...

  6. $22k... really??? I can get an original owner 91 560SEL car in pristine condition (but with 140k miles) for less than $5k here locally even with new tires.

    1. ...and 322 HP? I thought the next gen M119 5.0 was 322 HP, but the M117 5.5 (560SEL) depending if it was a California car was only about 270 HP.


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