Thursday, June 19, 2014

5k: Unsold Adams: 1979 Toyota Celica GT Liftback

The second generation Toyota Celica was designed in the USA at Toyota's California based Calty Design Research center.  The Celica was the first non-Japanese design to get the green light for production and many California designed cars followed over the years.  All of the engineering still happens in Japan (even to this day) but much of the styling for US market Toyota/Lexus gets done on this side of the Pacific.  Find this 1979 Toyota Celica GT Liftback offered for $4,200 in SF Bay Area, CA via craigslist.  Tip from Kaibeezy.

When this ad was first picked on our radar, the ad stated a $4,200 asking price, but now it has been updated to an ambiguous "offer up worst I can say is no."  Not sure if this reflects the seller thinking he can get more than his initial asking price, or if he is desperate for any offers.

One thing I can say is that the quality and quantity of the photographs does not help the seller's position, and it could be a nice, original condition survivor, or that could be a quicky Earl Scheib job on a dilapidated chassis. 

See a better lemon yellow liftback?

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