Monday, June 9, 2014

5k: This Won't Last: 1972 Volvo 1800E

 The Volvo 1800 is a regular on these pages, but it won't be forever because the market seems to be driving prices higher.  Luckily for low budget buyers, you can still find a deal, typically from a seller who has had the car for a few decades and isn't aware of the recent market updates.  This kind of seller is just looking to get what he paid for the car a few years ago and isn't looking to fund his kid's ivy league college degree.  It works for the seller and is a great opportunity for a buyer.  Find this 1972 Volvo 1800E offered for $5,000 in York, PA via craigslist.  Tip from Aaron K.

For a quick market reference, lets take a look at the Daily Turismo exclusive 1967 1800 that was offered for $3900 and had many callers and sold within 3 hours of posting.  I've personally driven the DT 1800 and can say that mechanically it was very nice, but this car offers a much more usable exterior and if the seller is honest with his description of zero-rust and good mechanical condition -- it would be very well purchased at $5k.

A set of modern Volvo wheels dress up the exterior a bit, but otherwise in the few pictures provided, this one looks good for a 4-speed (with OD) 1800E. See a better deal on an 1800?


  1. To me 1972 is the best year to get.
    I bet some flipper re-lists it in 3 weeks for $8,500

    1. If I get it, that will not be its fate. Of that you can be sure, Rene.

  2. '72 is good, indeed - Bosch D-Jet. They Hydra wheels are an 'interesting' choice on that one. I picked up a set of those cheaply for my 142, but never put 'em on the car because nice original-style wheels came along first.

  3. Sold yesterday. Between this and the Volvette, I'm starting to wonder if God is telling me I do t need another project...


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