Friday, June 20, 2014

5k: Grandpa Godzilla: 1987 Nissan Skyline

2014 was the first year America could legally import the class-dominating R32 Skyline GT-R "Godzilla" iconized permanently into the brains of video game racers. Meanwhile, the earliest R31s have been welcomed immigrants since 2011 (the C210 has been legal since 2002!), with little fanfare. You won't get much fanfare in this non-GT-R Skyline, because casual onlookers (and police) will likely mistake it for an ordinary Nissan Stanza. Find this 1987 Nissan Skyline for $4,999 in Ontario, CA via Craigslist.

Upon further inspection, we found a few more reasons why this won't attract any attention from your local law enforcement. 1. The 1.8L carbureted C18S cranks out 90 horsepower. 2. Two pedals signify a four-speed slushbox making it even slower. 3. It hasn't been stanced, slammed, bagged, chopped, blown, hellaflush'd, or modded in any way. You won't so much fly under the radar as you will cruise very slowly and awkwardly from the port side of the cabin.

Back in 2013, many predicted that GT-R venture capitalists would profit from the release of GT-R salve onto the itching automotive market. Appropriately, this Skyline is listed on, a site hosted by a GT-R driver and enthusiast who sells imported cars and helps buyers around tricky importation laws.

This senior Skyline had difficulty selling on eBay in May for $5,995. A few weeks later and $1k cheaper, we imagine it will find a buyer, especially given its ridiculously low 57,000 miles. That's an agreeable price for a rear-drive JDM icon with plenty of room in the engine bay for an RB26DETT capable of quadrupling the C18S's stock output.

See another blue-carpeted legend for less? Email us at

PhiLOL still drives a slow car that would be way cooler with this Skyline's "I just blue myself" interior.


  1. Nissan designer to manufacturing engineer "I hope you didn't release my CAD file yet, my radius command wasn't working"

  2. Might be worth it just for the Extra G badge :)


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