Wednesday, June 25, 2014

5k: Camper Bonanza: 1969 Ford E-Series Van Econoline

 It's summer time and it looks like camping fever has taken over the "offices" of the Daily Turismo, we first featured a Dodge Tradesman and then a nice copy of the popular Volkswagen Westfalia Vanagon.  The next logical step is to feature something from another OEM, and as luck would have it, a Ford camper popped up...literally.  Find this 1969 Ford E-Series Van Econoline currently bidding for $2,025 on ebay, located in Fletcher, NC with a few hours to go. 

Ford's second generation E-series van was launched in 1969 as a replacement for the compact Falcon based cab-over first generation E-series.  The new generation of E-series used a more conventional forward axle setup and allowed for the use of V8 powerplants and less sketchy handling.

This E-Series is currently equipped with a single row of rear seats, giving it room for 5 people, but additional rows of seats are available.  This pop up version should be able to sleep a small army of people and you shouldn't worry about the questionable stains in the back. People who own/live-in vans are totally harmless.

See another cool classic camper?


  1. DT must be looking forward to the 4th of July weekend. I expect to see canned hams, next week.

    That said, Ford really got the design of these vans right.

  2. That is a sharp looking strong runner!


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