Saturday, June 14, 2014

1986 Saab 900S 4-Door

The Saab 900 was the sequel to the 99 platform when it was launched in 1978 and actually used many of the 99 parts/body/engines/etc.  The biggest noticeable change for the 900 was the elongated hood, ostensibly designed to meet US crash standards, but probably just another psychedelic drug induced decision by the guys from Trollhättan.  It may have looked like the 99 on Viagra, but the 900 lasted for decades and was eventually replaced with a GM2900 platform evil doppelganger that Saab fans don't like to talk about.  Today's 900 is a remarkable find with an undisclosed asking price, find this 1986 Saab 900S 4-Door for sale on saabnet, located in Somers, CT.

It may look like the factory launch brochure from 1986, but what you are looking at is photos of an 18,000 original mile, one-owner, running/driving Saab 900S.  That would be 53 miles a month, or just under two miles per day on average.

Under the hood of this 4-door sedan 900 (they were also available as 2 or 4 door hatchback and 2-door coupe) is a 2.0 liter Saab B202 inline-4, canted over at 45 degrees and putting 125 horsepower into the front wheels, with its accessories in the back and clutch at the front. 

Since the seller does not name a price, what is it worth? Comments below.  Send us your best tips!

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  1. This belongs in a museum. Quick, someone buy it before I do!


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