Saturday, May 31, 2014

5k: Granpappy's Superbike: 1986 Honda VF1000R

Yesterday, DT Reader Cody commented on our Coffee Break that we should consider including some vintage motorcyles in our mix of posts. As it turns out, I try to keep an eye on a couple of bikes, and came across this 1986 Honda VF1000R currently bidding for $3,500 in Coarsegold, CA on EBay with just a day left to go. This bike calls to me as I'm a huge fan of someone restoring and tweaking a bike to make it their own. Having ditched the original Red/White/Blue Honda livery in favor of contrasting blue/orange this bike looks decades newer than it is.  The addition of a non-stock extended windscreen creates more of a highway appearance than its original proned-out riding position.

15k: Turbo Diesel: 2004 Chevrolet Suburban DMAX Swap

The Duramax V8 turbo diesel engine was built from a joint venture between General Motors on Isuzu starting in 2001.  The DMax is a heavy duty engine and was only available in the H1 Hummer, GMC Sierra/Savanna/Topkick or Chevy Silverado/Kodiak/Express.  It never made it into Chevrolet's Suburban people hauler, but it does fit if you give it the chance.  Find this 2004 Chevrolet Suburban DMAX Swap currently bidding for $14,000 with a few hours to go.

5k: Black Espresso: 1959 Lancia Appia Series II Berlina

 The Lancia Appia was a small family sedan built from 1953 to 1963 as the Turin, Italy based manufacture's basic offering.  The Appia was named for the famous Via Appia, a road built in pre-Christian Rome to connect regions to the south of the Eternal City, and described by 1st century Roman poet Publius Papinius Statius in his book The Silvae as ""the Appian way is the queen of the long roads."  What better name for a classy Italian car that would be great for a long journey.  Find this 1959 Lancia Appia Series II Berlina offered for $5,500 in Santa Cruz, CA via craigslist.  Tip from Kaibeezy.

Friday, May 30, 2014

2k: Classic Quasi-Kit: 1988 Puma GTI

 Another day, another dirt cheap rare classic that you won't see elsewhere.  The Puma GTE/GTI was the brainchild of Brazilian racer and businessman Genaro "Rino" Malzoni and originally used Volkswagen's Karmann-Ghia Type 14 as the chassis.  The Type 14 went out of production in 1973 and the Puma was transferred onto the Volkswagen Brasilia chassis.  Regardless, the combination of Ferari-esque looks and Volkswagen simplicity makes for an interesting combination.  Find this 1988 Puma GTI offered for $2,500 in Midlothian, VA.  Tip from Kent S.

Coffee Brake: What Do Readers Want To See On The Site?

As readers of this site you are given the remarkable opportunity to go anywhere else in the world wide web and read someone else...but for some reason readers keep coming back.  So, instead of continuing to push whatever junk we find (or get tipped) on a regular basis, perhaps I could take this opportunity to ask what do you want to see more/less of on this site?

15k: Tailhook: 1966 Porsche 912 with Chevy V8

If the rusty Porsche 912 we posted yesterday left you feeling less than thrilled, perhaps today's clean and rust free example will get you going.  Yesterday's example may have lulled you in with its pristine interior before revealing some hideous rot underneath, but this one bludgeons you straight in the face with big fender flares, a whale tail and the thunderous roar of a small block Chevy V8.  Find this 1966 Porsche 912 with Chevy V8 currently bidding for $15,095 with less than 1 day to go on ebay, located in Alameda, CA.

5k: Put A Fork In It: 1957 Ford Thunderbird

Rare?  I'd say this 1957 Ford Thunderbird (offered for $5,000 BIN in Ravenna, OH) looks pretty well done to me!  Tip from JPB!

5k: Upgraded Slant-6: 1972 Dodge Dart Sedan

 The fourth generation Dodge Dart was introduced in 1967 on Chrysler's A-body platform.  Sales of the A-body were phenomenal when Valiant, Dart, Demon, Duster, 3700, Centura, Charger, Valiant Drifter, Valiant Pacer and Scamp sales were all combined, but the Dart accounted for the bulk of the sales and is the easiest to find parts today.  Find this 1972 Dodge Dart Sedan offered for $5,000 in Pasadena, CA via craigslist. Tip from Rod S.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

15k: Flintstones Special: 1967 Porsche 912

 The Porsche 912 was the entry level offering from Porsche before the 914 was released and used a flat-4 engine similar to what powered the old bathtub shaped 356.  A few years ago the 912 market was in the dumps, but somebody figured out that they were cheaper to run than a vintage 911 and offered all the looks but with a little less performance.  Its not like a low spec classic 911 was a fast car to begin with, so it really isn't a big loss to go from 0-60mph in 10 seconds to 12...right?  Anyway, the 912 market picked up and finding one that runs/drives with a nice coat of paint for around $15k is good...right?  Hope you've got an up-to-date tetanus shot.  Find this 1967 Porsche 912 currently bidding for $16,600 with 2 days to go on ebay, located in Woodland Hills, CA.

5k: Frightfully Clean: 1987 Mazda RX-7 Turbo II

The FC generation Mazda RX-7 is currently languishing in the no-man's zone between a collectible classic and depreciated junk.  The savvy buyer might consider picking up cheap example and parking it in a barn for a few decades and then "discovering" it and flipping for big profit.  The Daily Tourist will pickup a perfectly clean condition 1 example, drive it for a few years till it is condition 2 or 3 and then sell it for a profit...because who wants to do a bunch of work on some crummy car just to let someone else drive it.  Here is a great clean condition RX-7 offered for nothing -- this 1987 Mazda Rx7 Turbo II is offered for $6,200 in Leesburg, AL  Tip from Jeff L who says "How often do you see a second generation (FC) RX-7 that hasn't been beat to crap or horribly modified, and it's a turbo to boot!  Looks minty fresh."

15k: Not a T-Rex: 2011 Kandi Viper

Campagna's T-Rex is a three-wheeled plaything of the wealthy, littering the pages of DuPont Registry like cracker jack boxes after a parade. It's loaded with performance and pure exotic prestige. Now you can have some of that performance with none of that prestige for the price of a Honda Odyssey under warranty. Find this Kawasaki-powered 2011 Kandi Viper for $15,500 in Hudson Valley, NY.  Words by DT contributor slowcarSLOW-MPGlol who swears he will change his nom de plume to something more user friendly in the near future...any suggestions?

10k: Cone Rat: 1997 Mazda MX-5 Miata R-Package

 The first generation Mazda MX-5 Miata was sold from 1989 through 1999 in various parts of the world.  Near the end of the production lifespan, Mazda introduced an option package aimed directly at the autocrosser trying to shave tenths off his lap times by offered a striped down version known as the R-Package.  Few were sold and should not be confused with anything wearing the Honda Type-R badge, because it doesn't stand for rice.  Find this 1997 Mazda MX-5 Miata R-Package offered for $13,000 in Grand Rapids, MI via craigslist.  Tip from Sneedy.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

10k: It Hardly Rains Here Anyway: 1972 Volvo 1800ES

It seems like just yesterday that decent driver quality vintage Volvos littered the streets and craigslist ads - their long-term owners practically begging you to take the old hulks off of their hands for the price of a left rear corner glass from a 23-window VW Microbus. Good deals on old rear-drive Swedes can still be found, but the more outgoing members of the family are garnering most of the attention and now demanding the big bucks. A complete and running 1800ES was considered just an oddity a few years back, and might fetch $5000 on a good day. Now the rotting hulks are almost worth that much and the decent cars go for double. Still - they are a value among low production classics. Find this 1972 Volvo 1800ES for sale in Duarte, CA for $9500 via craigslist.

15k: Track Day Roadster: 2002 Ginetta G20

Ginetta was a small independent British car manufacturer, located in Suffolk that started by building a custom by on a pre-war Wolseley Hornet.  The first car (G1) was only built as a demonstrator, but Ginetta produced a decently quantity of the G2 design but it evolved and recently you could buy various versions of the Ginetta lineup in kit form.  Find this 2002 Ginetta G20 currently bidding $11,977 reserve-not-met and $17,995 buy-it-now on ebay located in Houston, TX.
Update 5/18/2014 12:45PM: This car is already gone.

Mid Week Match-Up: Help Collin Trade His BMW 540i 6-Spd

This week's Mid Week Match-Up is going to have a twist.  Not only do you have to find the perfect car for Collin, but you also need to find someone who will accept his E39 BMW 540i 6-spd on trade...sounds easy right?  Interestingly enough, craigslist is littered with other folks also willing to trade for another car instead of cold, hard cash....maybe you are one of them?  Help Collin find a trade for this BMW.

2k: VW Bus 2.0: 1989 Toyota Van 4X4

When you look at the state of the Volkswagen Bus market today, you've got to ask  yourself is this the same hippie van from back in the day?  Today a typical Bus owner is not a stoned war protester, but a mid-level manager at a Fortune 500 company -- what happened?  The truth is that today, if you want to find what hippies (or the modern day equivalent) drive, you've got to find another form of cheap transportation that offers frugal motoring, room for bong fabrication art supplies, and a place to sleep -- all for a minimal buy-in.  Specifically, you'll need to look for a late model minivan.  Find this 1989 Toyota Van 4X4 currently bidding for $2,950 on ebay, located in Falls City, NE with less than 1 day to go.