Friday, April 4, 2014

Coffee Brake: Show Us Your Favorite Wheels

There is an old saying that "the shoes make the man" and this phrase could as easily be applied to wheels on a car.  Some cars are totally destroyed by the owner's tragic choice in rolling stock, others are lifted from blah to sublime.  The subject for today's Coffee Brake feature is:  Show us your favorite wheels (link to a pic or car, or car ad). 

Here at DT you'll find us drooling over random cheap Saabs, none-so-much as those equipped with the Saab factory Inca alloys.  The Inca was the standard Saab 99 Turbo wheel and was known for being very light, but also very soft.  It came factory installed on 99 Turbos from 1978 and later the 900 Turbo 3-doors in 1979-80.

Here is a 1977 Saab 99 GL offered for $7,500 on ebay (in Charlottesville, VA) wearing the sweet Inca wheels.

What would you pick?  Comment below.

Creative commons photo credit:  vincrosbie on flickr. 


  1. There can be only one wheel. Fuchs anyone who says different.

  2. 'Murican = Torque Thrusts or Magnum 500's
    Import drivers = Minilites/Panasports

  3. As long as we're talking about obscure Saab wheels: Super Inca. I've seen one set in my entire life, and they were not brilliant.

    The "minilites" were actually made by Ronal on the later year cars and called the "silverspoke" and "silvervane".

    My all time favorite though were the Super Aero wheels. Slap a set of those on a post-facelift SPG with a Carlsson body kit... for my money it doesn't get much better than that.

  4. Centerlines.

    If you grew up in the 1980s the older guy down the street had a hot sister and could beat you up and drove this car.

  5. I've always liked the alloys on the original Alfa Romeo GTA:

    As well as the alloys on the 1st gen CRX-Si:

  6. The saab aztecs are sweet. The Subaru XT had some really sweet alloys, as well.

    Also like the old TA snowflakes.

  7. Volk TE-37

    Alfa Romeo Cromodora

  8. Cromodora Daytona!

  9. Fat Fives from a 94/94 Integra GSR

  10. There is only one obvious choice: the Ronal Teddy Bear.

    But seriously folks, I've always been partial to Volvo Virgos (240 Turbo stock wheels)...

    And the Empi 5-spoke...

    And recently I've taken a liking to the American Racing 200S (as seen in the first pic of the 1800S racer):

  11. For classics, nothing beats Minilites/watanabes:

    I also have a soft spot for super hard to find Alpina wheels:

    For modern cars, my favorite OEM wheels are the G37 IPL's. I loved them so much I bought them for my own car (hopefully the link works):$T2eC16NHJHYFFkKKHbzmBRsjeg(U!!~~60_3.JPG

  12. Replies
    1. Never mind the wheels, that Saab 96 Cabriolet wearing the Soccer Balls is fantastic. Thanks for posting it.

  13. There is a time and place for everything. For most modern sport compacts, the answer is Rota Slips. I wanted them so badly on my old Escort before their durability issues came up.

  14. Alfa GTAm Campagnolo
    Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Cromodora
    Volvo Virgo (would like some 17" repros, please)
    MINILITE (on the right car)
    some yellow wheel that's not so great and don't know the name but looks fantastic on a rallye Stratos in Alitalia livery


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