Thursday, April 3, 2014

5k: Under Destruction: 1982 Chevrolet Van 8 Wheeler

There are so many things wrong with the next feature, that I cannot begin easily to enumerate instead, let's focus on what is right.  First off, the seller does identify a make/model of the offending vehicle.  Second, the seller includes 3 focused photos.  Finally, it is a shorty-sleeper-flat-bed-van-truck, with 4 axles and 8 wheels.  Find this 1982 Chevrolet Van 8 Wheeler for sale in Underwood, IN for $5500 via craigslist.  Tip from Steven C.

The biggest problem with the ad is that the photos leave so many unanswered questions.  Does the second set of wheels under the cab/sleeper section touch the ground?  The seller indicates that it does have 4-wheel steering, but it looks like those middle wheels don't touch the ground.  Does the engine run?  What does the wire/cable leading under the hood do?  Does it still look like this if the photos were snapped in 2011?  Can it be exported to the UK and pass the rigorous MOT (Ministry of Transportation) inspection?

However, the part that is really right in the ad is the asking price of $5,500.  Even if it doesn't run, the scrap value of the steel alone is probably $1500, and those big tires could be used for an obstacle course for a militia/terrorist/superhero training camp.

See a better towing rig for the A-Team?


  1. My theory on the mysterious cable is that the truck/van/whatever has a loose tooth that the owner was hoping to extract for cheap.

    Does the notation "$5500 underwood in" mean that this thing is even equipped with a typewriter?

    1. Yes, yes it does. Cost is $6500 if he has to take the underwood out....

  2. I have never laughed at an automobile, until now.
    This is coo coo birds at the highest level!
    I don't know what you would put in the "bed" that would require all of those wheels on the ground.

  3. ~ Big block, 4 wheel steering, [at least] 4 wheel drive, International 'safety yellow' paint, Under Destruction visor decal, --
    - I'm pretty sure 'the wire/cable leading under the hood' is an electric leash with choke collar in case it happens to escape.

  4. As I'm sure the owner doesn't want to be anywhere near this when it fires up that cable is a remote throttle cable. You start it and run for the safety of your bomb shelter.


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