Friday, April 4, 2014

5k: Bond, Equipe Bond: 1965 Bond Equipe GT4S

Sharp Commercials LTD started automotive production by building something called the Bond Minicar in 1949.  The Minicar was a 3-wheeled deathtrap that likely served as inspiration for the Reliant Robin deathtrap and had a unique single cylinder two-stroke engine that could be fired backwards for reversing the vehicle...anyway, it was discontinued in 1966 after Sharp's Bond Equipe 4-wheel car sales took off.  Bond/Sharp only built 5000 of the Equipe over a seven year span and this is the only one I've ever seen.  Find this 1965 Bond Equipe GT4S currently bidding for $4,000 on ebay with less than 1 day to go, located in San Diego, CA.

The Bond Equipe uses Triumph herald frame, powertrain, mechanical bits, windscreen and doors to get it up and down the road, but the fiberglass body was entirely produced by Sharp Commercials in Preston, Lancashire, UK.  The fastback shape resembles a 1st gen Plymouth Barracuda that has been dehydrated and the full fiberglass front looks cool, if a bit kit-car-ish.

Under the foward hinged bonnet (and nose + fenders) is a 1.1 liter engine from a Triumph Herald rated at 63 horsepower and connected to the rear wheels via a 4-speed manual gearbox.  Steering and brakes are not power assisted, but the chassis should be light enough to perform okay with pure man power.

See a stranger classic for less?


  1. What a strange and cool ride for four thousand bucks. Somebody got a great deal.

  2. Somebody did get a good deal. Too bad I was late to this party. Really interesting car. Is that a Sunbeam Imp next to it?

  3. I had one of these for about 15 minutes. Cool little car but I did not have the wherewithal to keep it running. I wish I had not let it slip through my fingers.


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