Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Jalopnik Does March Madness With 80s/90s Beaters

Raphael Orlove of Jalopnik just released the car-nut equivalent of March Madness -- a bracket style competition of 64 beaters, all competing for a shot at glory.  Readers of the site will be able to vote on which car moves forward and is eventually crowned the winner, you can read the full article about the unfortunately named March Madness Beat-Off here.

It is an awesome list of 64 of the best 80s/90s beaters known to man...and regular cars featured on DT with a few exceptions.  Feel free to put in your predictions for the final four in the comments below.

Image credit; Raphael Orlove on


  1. Final Four:

    Alfa Spider
    VW Jetta
    Volvo 740
    International Scout

    1. Mazda MX-3
      Honda Prelude
      Merc W123
      Jeep Grand Cherokee

      Although there aren't enough Hondas on there. I'd rather see an EG Civic in place of the CRX. Better usability, similar weight and suspension, similar swap potential.

  2. How can you not love The Great Beat Off?

  3. 4 > 924 - MX-3 - Roadmaster - Toyota Pickup
    2 > 924 v Roadmaster
    1 > Roadmaster FTW by a mile

  4. It's an Alfa Romeo convertible. It is the only car on the entire thing guaranteed to get a chick every time.

    The Alfa wins or the thing is rigged or being voted on by dummies.

  5. Fiero
    Volvo 240
    Toyota Pickup (pre Taco)


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