Sunday, March 9, 2014

Commenter Of The Week: In Russia, Stick Shifts You

The recent Bomberismo feature on the a Tupolev 95 (commonly called the Tupolev Tu-95, but that seems redundant, like saying Chevrolet Chevy Corvette) generated a fair bit of conversation, mostly around the logistics of getting the Bear into the USA and I have it on good authority that several of our readers are James Bond villains who need a flying super-fortress.  One commenter, however, asked us a favor...
OK. Let's get two things straight. First, the phrase 'little old lady airmen' is the funniest thing I've heard all day. Second, I would like to place my order for a Soviet Red, Size Medium, T-Shirt with the Gas Nozzle and SIckle emblem. Let me know when it ships and I will provide CC info.
And we figured...why not?

Congrats to DT Commenter of the Week (COW) Dave Zink and his prize is this link to DT's Society6 T-Shirt website where he can purchase a Nozzle & Sickle shirt, tank, hoodie, framed art or onesie. The prices for a simple T-Shirt are a bit steep at $22 $17 but the shirts are good quality (I basically gave nothing but DT shirts for Christmas this year and they were well received) and clicking on the above link gets $5 off the normal price and free shipping thru March 9th, 2014 (the actual price does not appear until it gets in the shopping cart, so you will see $22 per shirt initially and then discounted when it gets in the cart).

In case the version with words does not catch your fancy, we've also created a version with no text, just a simple tribute to all things Lada, VAZ, ZAZ, UAZ, GAZ and AZZ - but be sure to click on THIS LINK to get the promo for $5 off and free shipping.  All of these items are also available in various colors, kids sizes and a cool hoodie.

Have another idea for a T-shirt we should make?


  1. With Europe scared that Russia will cut off the flow of oil if the Ukraine situation is not resolved properly, your logo would work well with the title of the James Bond movie "From Russia with Love".
    Now sell the revised shirt in Russia and make a fortune!
    Wodka for everyone here on DT!

  2. Nice! Thanks guys! Order placed. Next time, I am asking for the plane itself to see where that gets me.

    1. Congratulations Dave on your COW

      (__) )\/\
      ||----w |
      || ||

    2. Dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hats off to master carfindologist and logomaster Kaibeezy!

  4. Bought a couple shirts. Cool designs, guys!


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