Tuesday, March 11, 2014

5k: KA24DE Powered: 1972 Datsun 510 Bluebird

The Datsun 510 is a classic of the compact, lightweight RWD Japanese car formula from the 1970s. Their boxy good looks have stood the test of time better than most other Datsuns from the same time period, especially compared to the awkward B-210 (even when there are no clouds, it isn't sunny anywhere near a B-210).  Find this 1972 Datsun 510 Bluebird with KA24DE power for sale in Hickory, NC for $6,500 via zcartrader.com.  Tip from Tony

This 510 has been given a complete performance/cosmetic makeover and looks good - not too stanced, and blacked out chrome looks cool.  A set of bumpers would class it up for the street, but for the track-rat look leave 'em in the garage.

That is a big snail.  Powering this Bluebird is a  KA24DE, a huge upgrade from the original L-series boat anchor from the factory.  The seller doesn't say but this is probably a Mexico built KA24DE engine from a 240SX with a giant turbocharger bolted into it.  There is a large front mount intercooler and other non-stock add-ons (MSD ignition) but power should be in the 300 hp range.

The interior is dirty, but would probably clean up nicely and those gauges could be stashed in a more discreet location.  Or you could just roll with the racer image and collect points on your license like it's some kind of game.

See a cooler bumperless BMW 2002 impersonator? tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. I had a 69 510 loved that car the L-16 was fine and bullit proof. This is a Killer Deal @ $6500 if not full of bondo or infested with the tinworm..Way under the Money...

  2. @JB1025 I agree, way under the money for the set-up assuming it is not a bondo special and that all the engine swap/tuning needs have been sorted out. A lot of HP for a light car and then adding a 4.11 LSD is going to make a very fast ride. The front intercooler is a bit vulnerable but seems like it is tied in nicely though a front bumper might keep it intact a bit longer and perhaps some screening from rocks. The interior passenger side foot well appears to have a bunch of stickers...not sure what is up there. I would hope with that much HP on tap they took the time to upgrade brakes as the stock units with the extra weight will need some good stopping capability. I noticed it had twin exhaust...not a lot of space under the car for twin pipes especially as it is lowered so clearance maybe something to think about in street use. I have raced and owned a number of dimes and they are a fun car when modified. They do scoot with power and are pretty stout. The build quality is not nearly an BMW 02 or Alfa GTV but they are a good driver. They can rust just like the others mentioned here so a bondo check is needed for sure especially on an east coast car. I reckon this will go quick at this price unless there is some issue not advertised with the car. Have fun if you pick it up.

  3. The very best way to tell if it's a good 510 is this:

    When you click on the ad, it's already been deleted.

  4. What, you didn't like my Bluebird feature idea from Tuesday? [ click my name for the link ]


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