Thursday, March 13, 2014

5k: Barn Fresh To You: 1962 Triumph Herald Convertible

The Triumph Herald was a small 2-door from the sketchbook of Giovanni Michelotti (famous for the  Triumph Spitfire and BMW 2002 designs) and the manufacturing plant of the Standard-Triumph Company of Coventry.  The lightweight body-on-frame type chassis was used on several cars after it went out of production, including the Vitesse, Spitfire and GT6 (all of these cars use a hinged-foward hood & fender section for engine bay access, part of the original Herald design).  Find this 1962 Triumph Herald convertible barn find offered for $3,800 in Brentwood, CA via craigslist.  Tip from Kaibeezy.

The Herald was a small car at just over 12 feet in length and powered by a 1.0 liter inline-4 that puts out 35 horsepower.  Even with a 1500 lb curb weight, performance will be dubious.  At least the funky styling and vintage looks should keep you entertained while you attempt to reach freeway speeds. For a barn find this one doesn't look too horrible and if the frame isn't rusty we'd be tempted to just drive it as-is.

This would also make an excellent terrible sailboat.


See a better car for days when you just want to take it easy?


  1. Not a convertible. A two door that has had the roof removed. They simply unbolt.

  2. I had to read that twice... 35 horsepower!

    Type 1 Beetles postwar through 1955 were 24 hp. 1970's vintage Polski Fiat 126p is also listed at 24 hp. Winner (loser) has to be the Citroen 2CV, which started out at 9 hp when it was launched in 1949, and gradually climbed all the way to 29 hp when it ended its run in 1990. Keep your eye out for the twin-engine 4x4 Sahara version though, very valuable!

    1. So does it have 70hp now ?

    2. twin 13.5 or, later, 18 hp engines (1958 to 1966) - one for the front, one for the rear, run at the same time or separately - 2012 auction of an unrestored Sahara sold for $142k!

  3. How about finding a barn in Brentwood? Might be as rare as this Triumph.


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