Tuesday, March 11, 2014

3k: Cheap Vintage Racer: 1976 Datsun B210

We've said in the past that vintage racing is the playground for the rich and famous...but if you keep your eyes open, sometimes a cheap way into the big boys club falls in your lap.  The Datsun 210 was certainly the poor man's way to go racing in the 1970s and things haven't changed much since.  Find this 1976 Datsun B210 track rat (with 4 vintage logbooks) currently bidding for $2,600 with 4 hours to go, located in Sebring, FL.

You won't set any track records at Laguna Seca with a Datsun B210 vintage racer, but have a great time and meet all sorts of interesting people, like the dude in the yellow polo shirt and sweet mustache.  Vintage racing is more like a big fun car club than a place to show your inner Senna, but things do get competitive when the green flag drops.

The A-series Nissan 4-banger in this B210 displaces 1.5 liters, is cammed, polished, ported, weber'd, flycut, and should make a nice béarnaise sauce at 9,000 rpm when you open her up.  She does smoke a bit, but replacing the block and keeping the performance parts would be the cheap way to get her ready for the next race.

See a cheaper way to get into vintage racing?  tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. Look at this car's profile and compare it to the new Nisan IDX concept.

    I never thought that the 210 would be re-made, but it's happening.

    1. Yep.. Now that I've seen the idx I think I want one..

  2. yep, totally - next, nissan, please resurrect my choice for the ugliest car ever made... no, not you aztek... it's the execreble datsun F10

  3. That is a lot of kit and history (key for vintage acceptance) for $2600 and an easy freshening of the bottom end. The parts and fab work are 10x the selling price...wow. This car will move quite well in its class. Good luck to the new owner...steal of the month.


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