Thursday, March 27, 2014

20k: Late Show: 1957 MG MGA

The MGA was the first post WWII styled cars from Morris Garages and represented a significant break from traditional open-fender styling.  Today the MGA is a surprisingly affordable car for all of its sleek 1950's styling and a good example will cost you less than a project E-type/Austin-Healey 3000/Mercedes SL from the same era.  Find this 1957 MG MGA for sale in Torrance, CA currently bidding for $18,500 with 30 minutes to go. 

This MGA looks to be a great deal for the bidder with cash in his pocket and looking to exchange that cash for some sun in his hair.

This MGA was subject to a restoration 8 years ago according to the seller, and the overspray on the undercarriage isn't bad, but it is there.

Act quick, this one is almost gone.

1 comment:

  1. It is nice looking, but a "bitsa" nonetheless. The price seems reasonable if you're content with a sorta MGA. I probably would be since I like restomods anyway and this for sure would be faster that a stock MGA engine.



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