Wednesday, March 19, 2014

1k: 21 Window Miniature: 1963 Volkswagen Bus Scooter

The current craze of everything relating to the Volkswagen Type 2 Bus has been entertaining to watch to say the least.  All but abandoned for scrap a few years ago and inhabited by penniless surfers, the Bus made an epic comeback of a proportion not matched except by this month's resurgence of the Cold War.  Prices for 21 and 23-window Sambas (sounds like a dance you do at a South American state funeral - e.g. "Col. Avarez was honored with the traditional 21 window Samba salute, it took hours to clean up all the glass") have scooted out of the reach of those without proper funds.  Today, we've got the Walmart version of the VW Bus, in more ways than one.  Find this 1963 Volkswagen Bus Scooter for sale in Upland, CA for $2,750 via craigslist.

Do not attempt to adjust your TV sets.  You are looking at a miniature Volkswagen Type 2 body mounted on top of a mobility scooter.   The ultimate electrical powered accessory for the aged hippie on a budget.

The Scootamba comes with an extra body and a stated 500 lb load capacity, so you have no excuse not to eat Sizzler every night.  The stated 17-20 mile range will easily get you to Walmart, the nearest Social Security office, early bird special at the Home Town Buffett and back home before dark.  Just be aware that operating a mobility scooter while under the influence of alcohol will be charged as a DUI in most jurisdictions. 

Pool side parking for one?


  1. This makes me angry. I can control my angry most days but I'm afraid I'd have to walk over and simply kick this over with the lazy ass inside of it.

    Unless it was a hot chick with naked jublies. But it wouldn't be. It never is.

    1. A little early to be hitting the sauce, eh Mike? I suppose it is noon somewhere.

      For the record: my WWII Marine Grandfather who saw service on Guadalcanal and Peleliu needed a scooter like this (albeit, without the VW body) to get around later in life. He was quite possibly the least lazy person I've ever met.

      Re: a hot chick on one of these... last time I saw Hugh Hefner at Disneyland, his entire entourage was on these... including some lovely scantily clad (for Disneyland) ladies... so don't say never.


      Just another leg (Army 2002-present)

    2. Whatever you do, don't google "dirty leg" (Army slang for non-Airborne Soldier... urban dictionary has some interesting things to say). Also, do google fat train ridin' dirty. Prepare to laugh until it hurts.

    3. AbnMike, I see only your intended humor and had to grab my nose to keep it from turning into a coffee delivery device..all over my keyboard

      For proper effect, try the invoke the voice and cadence of Rod Serling as you read on...

      More likely, you'll be treated to the sight of the taught purple hued skin that is her 70 lb. calf, peaking from the bottom of her mumu as she tries to lift her leg over the 'roof' in a tortured ballet that is her attempt to balance on one leg as she mounts her steed. As she extends her her foot, you'll notice what appears to be a discolored bath tile, only to realize that its a shade of yellow-brown that can only be created by the fungus that has been eating the toenail of her big toe for the past 20 years!

    4. RyanM- you warned, I ignored. Yes, it hurt!

    5. I spent 4 years on jump status and that was 4 too many. :) I count myself lucky to be one of the ones who got out of the eighty-deuce without the need for a mobility scooter. All The Way!!

    6. Hunsbloger - thanks, yes, my post was tongue-in-cheek. Most of them are.

      Also I think I see that person you describe almost every time I've been to a Wal-Mart. Very vivid. Too much so. Are you one of the ones (like me) who just can't help staring?

    7. I don't stare buy my brain has a hard time unseeing, in great detail!

  2. "21 window samba salute" - gawd, you guys crack me up. You are on a roll, keep it up DT!

    Oh, and I like the VW bus body better than the usual kid's bicycle streamers and squeeze-bulb horn decorations that we usually see.

  3. "And even if he's a lazy man—and the Dude was most certainly that. Quite possibly the laziest in all of Los Angeles County, which would place him high in the runnin' for laziest worldwide. Sometimes there's a man, sometimes, there's a man. Well, I lost my train of thought here."

  4. I am soooooooooo sick and tired of those in my age cohort....think Woodstock and older.who are so freaking disgustingly dependent on a moblity scooter because of their own sloth. Believe me.they didnt come out of the chute that way. Absent a medical conditon they are just fatfcks. When they park in the handicapped space with their duelly trucks that take a step ladder to get into then clamber onto a mobilty scooter with a basket in front....I want to puke. And I dont give a damn if they held off the VC at Khe Sanh...until they were overrun. And if I see them putting around n this...thats it!

    Carry on Slothful ones

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