Saturday, March 22, 2014

10k: Squaretalian: 1969 Alfa Romeo 1750 Berlina

There is an old adage that says the customer is always right...but you as readers of this site aren't so much customers as unwitting clickers of advertisements that gives us a nickle from some third party website that is really just another website looking to get you to click on their ads..for which they get a nickle...basically the internet is one giant pyramid scheme...but that is the subject for another post.  Anyway, tipper Gianni sends us the following link with a note:
You need more Alfas on DT.  Nice ‘69 Berlina on eBay. Cheers.
There is no way to argue with that sort of logic, so without further ado, here is this 1969 Alfa Romeo 1750 Berlina currently bidding for $7,550.

This Alfa Romeo started life as a 1750, but now has a 2.0 liter engine, so you could call it a 2000...but most people will simply call it a Berlina, which means sedan in Italian.  The Berlina is the square shouldered sister to the gorgeous GTV; less attractive but more useful.  This one wears a repaint with clear coat that is flaking off, which begs the question as to why anyone would have thrown a multi-stage paint job on it in the first place...

Paint problems aside, the other big issue with any Alfa from this period is rust and this car is no stranger.  The seller states that there is evidence of repair, but you can see surface rust in anything steel on the undercarriage but it doesn't look too bad from the photos. 

On the inside, the seller has done some renovation recently including a new mahogany dash inlay and some electrical sorting.  The seller is very proud to mention that the clock works, apparently a rarity among vintage Alfas. 

 See a better classic European sedan for less?



  1. So purists love the spin of the 1750 and the practical everyday users adore the grunt of the 2L. This has the 2L...grunt is great everyday circumstances. The C-pillar shot worries me that there is some previous rust issues lurking for a PPI for sure and bring a magnet for the areas around the windows which are an Alfa problem area. These have a good rep for driving aplomb. Price right now is reasonable for an entry into the Alfa world...Enjoy!

  2. I bought it to add to my Alfa collection. This will be the oldest. Alfas and Fiats are wonderful cars, sportier and higher quality than BMWs of similar vintage.

  3. CTM- If you were the winning bidder on this car, Congrats! Please send us an email with some details, comments and pics and we'll post a follow up.

  4. Congrats Christopher! If you want high quality in Italian cars, do try Lancia pre-Fiat. I picked up a Fulvia a few years ago. I enjoy my Alfa GT 1300Junior and my 72 GTV, but the feel of the Lancia is amazing, I also have a 124 Coupe and now a Spider (story will come DT).

  5. Pete,
    I have a couple of 164s which is the best car I have ever driven (and very cheap on eBay). I also have a GTV6 which is also a lot of fun and very solid. Some day I'll get a GTV2000, but they are very expensive.

  6. Cool, glad to see it is going to a good home. I have a '73 in the same color, it looks nice on the berlinas and GTV's.


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