Wednesday, March 26, 2014

10k: Cool Hood Scoop: 1968 Mercury Cougar XR-7

The first generation Mercury Cougar (1967-1970) was an up-market version of Ford's popular Mustang pony car. It shared many mechanical components with the Mustang, but the sheet metal, interior bits and hidden headlights were only used on the Mercury.  Although it was never available with the Mustang's base inline-6 (only V8s) the Cougar leaned toward luxury buyers and had features like houndstooth vinyl roof with matching upholstery.  Find this 1968 Mercury Cougar XR-7 currently bidding on ebay for $11,900 with 1 day to go, located in Torrance, CA.

This gold beauty is an XR-7 version and being sold by an owner who has had it for the past 15 years -- and it looks in nice condition.  The hood features a functional "GTE" hood scoop that looks racy - in stark contrast to grandma's vinyl top.

Under the hood is a  302 cubic inch (5.0 liter) V8 equipped with a 4bbl carburetor which would have been rated at 230 horsepower from the factory.  This one looks modified from the pictures, and the color matched aluminum valve covers look sweet.  This is not a factory original example, but it isn't covered in cheap/fake chrome from Pep Boys, so it gets a pass.

Inside is a nicely preserved (or restored) interior with bucket seats and a full length center console.  The functioning factory air conditioning is a huge plus for anyone in a hot weather climate.

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  1. I need two things:

    1) A '67-70 Cougar.
    2) A 3D printer.

    Then I'll make my Cougar a suitable hood ornament. This Tornado loves you, baby.

    1. I dig your taste, Victor. One of my favorite Neko Case tunes.

  2. Nice looking car, and it does appear to be very original. I really like that hood scoop, and I don't recall seeing one like that before, but them I'm no expert.
    Someone is going to get themself a nice classic here.


  3. This is the first Cougar that I've seen with this hood scoop that wasn't a Gurney Special

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This Gurney Special hood scoop is still available @ WCCC in Oregon. They were never a functional induction scoop but I am loving this conversion. As well as the subtle handling mods such as the heavy front and addition of a rear stabilizer bar.

      Such an excellent example of the 1st generation XR7. The color was desirable for the day but is dated now and probably keeping the price down a bit. To the future owners benefit!

      Someone is going to get a sweet deal with this car. I have more than twice the money of this one in my XR7, which is in a state of high performance reliability to do long distance runs. But this car is subtly so much nicer. I think that functioning hood scoop is going to eat at me until I do an install.

    2. An appreciation for the value of Cougars was evident in the very first DT post that I read , wherein you will notice a very solid reference to WCCC and which revealed the snarkiness that everyone has come to expect from DT's E-i-C, in all of his write-ups that have followed.

      Anytime someone is considering a Mustang they should always weigh what's available in Cougars. A/C and more complete gauge packages always drew me in. I ran the Cougar's Unlimited digital sequencer in my '67 Mustang Fastback (with stock tail lights) years before the new mini-sized units became available.

    3. Don't say it's so Hunsblogger. I appreciate the EiC's commentary and is one reason I keep coming back, as my own sense of humour is somewhat twisted. Snarky as defined below brother...

      "irritable, short-tempered," 1906, from snark (v.) "to snort" (1866), from an imitative source akin to Low Ger. snarken, N.Fris. snarke, Swed. snarka.

    4. To carry the derivation of snark any further would require the invocation of Tim (Mr. Tudball) Conway's admonitions to Mrs. HWiggins.


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