Friday, February 28, 2014

Unicorn Hunters: Find A Front Drive European Car For Less Than $10k

Sometimes, as authors, internet pundits, talking heads, and drunken bloggers, we at DT get a bit carried away with making fun of certain makes for being unreliable pieces of junk.  A few of our regular commenters pointed this out and in fairness to all, we felt the need to clear the air a bit about the issue.  First and foremost, if a car appears on this website, it is because it is interesting, fun, and potentially something the writers at DT would want to drive.  We get scores of tips and constantly find cars each day and would love to feature each one, but end up writing about the ones that make us want to stop writing and call the seller.  So, to make amends for the comments regarding French cars and leprosy, it is time to ask our readers to help us find the best front-drive European cars for less than $10k.  Simple.  Right?

Perhaps the issue was related to how we presented the cars, but it is really easy to point a finger at the leprosy jokes, and it doesn't even have to be your finger.  If it were my money on the line for a sub $10k front-drive European car, the answer is a redheaded V4 powered Italian.  The Lancia Fulvia Coupe is a gorgeous car that looks good in perfect original condition, covered in a patina of age or decked out for rally competition.

Yes, it is true, you are going to have a hard time finding a sub $10k Fulvia Coupe, but they do show up occasionally, such as this 1971 Lancia Fulvia offered for 6000 GPB ($10,008 USD at time of printing) offered in South Africa via the website. The photos, description and location of the car are not the most desirable...but...imagine what a few fog lamps and stickers would do for that Fulvia...

What front drive Euro car would you pick for less than $10k? Comments below or send us note;

Photo credits; pietroz


  1. Does this count? Kind of?

  2. I'd take this 2003 SAAB 9-3 Vector for $4750.
    GM epsilon chassis, 2.0 turbo engine, 6-spd and R&T liked it.

  3. Definitely a Saab and under 5k. I've put 30k on an '03 9-3 in about a year, now at 116k mi. Comfort, reliability (if it was cared for), great gas mileage, and somewhat entertaining.

  4. I own three Alfa 164s. Aside from the Yugo-like plastic controls, it is a truly great car. They are very cheap!

  5. Mk1 Rabbit GTI in clean, stock condition.

  6. So much of the best stuff is unobtainable in the US. Either genuinely unobtainable, or practically unobtainable.

    But if you can spring for that Fulvia in South Africa, then other things you should consider an Alfasud Sprint, like this:
    This one breaks the budget, but so will the shipping on the Fulvia, so...

  7. Being both a masochist and a francophile, I'd pick this:

    BTW, what's that pickup thing in the background?


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