Tuesday, February 25, 2014

5k: Idée Dix-neuf: 1965 Citroën ID19

The Citroën ID19 was a cheaper and lower powered version of the Citroën DS (pronounced Déesse as the french word for godess) sold from 1957-1975.  The ID used the same body as the basic DS, but was sold at a cheaper price point for those who still wanted the Bertoni and Lefèbvre designed body but did not want to pay 25% premium for the DS.  Find this 1965 Citroën ID19 for sale in Los Altos, CA currently bidding for $4,300 with 1 day to go.

The ID19 used the same crazy hydro-pneumatic self-leveling and ride height adjusting suspension setup as the DS, but without power steering or the semi-automatic clutch setup.  The ID19 uses a conventional dry clutch with 5-speed manual gearbox and should be better to drive than the semi-auto DS.

The ID19 is powered by a 1.9 liter inline-4 cylinder engine mounted mid-ships, far behind the front axle...but powering the front wheels.  Citroën touted it as the latest innovation in safety, but it was mostly a novelty and only survived in something sub 100 horsepower because traction was not an issue.

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  1. These DS and variants make me want to open a cheese and wine shop, smoke Galouises and practice saying "Je me rends" until I'm indistinguishable from a native.

    One day I'll have one, but that day has yet to arrive.

  2. These are fabulous cars. Driving one is unlike anything else. For me, the thing that got my attention the most is the braking experience. It is not that the brakes are especially powerful (although they are very good). it is the fact that the self-leveling suspension prevents the usual forward weight transfer. When you brake hard, then entire car squats into the road, and you have a sense of being stopped by the pull of gravity. It is amazing.

    This car looks like a decent daily driver. But before bidding, check for rust. Then check for rust again. Finally, remember to check for rust.

    If it is solid, someone may walk away with a good deal. I am thinking that the current low price after 40 bids may mean that the hunters are well-informed people, and things may not get out of hand.

    Too far for me to go to check it out while I am in the grip of the deadly Polar Vortex.

    1. SOLD! ......for $5100. May well be a decent deal on a driver-quality car. I hope it lives on for many more years.

      By the way, I much prefer the older-style front fenders and hood like this one, than the post-1968 glassed-in look.

  3. GoDDessamn! If you buy one, buy one that someone else has spent all their money on already! Jess sayin


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