Friday, December 6, 2013

DT COW: Narcotizing Waft of Accessibility

The biggest problem with searching for cheap cars every chance you get is that you may end up buying one leading to the situation that was perfectly worded by one of our regular commenters:

These seem to have that narcotizing waft of accessibility that has landed many a novice in hot water with the household COO/CFO. I am no exception.

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Congrats to Doctordel for winning the coveted (and temporally indiscriminate) Commenter of the Week (COW) award for his comment here.  We are sure doctordel's COO/CFO will be as happy as this lady each time he shows up with a new/old Volvo.  Who wouldn't be?

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  1. OK- assuming Mom is reading this:

    Why not give Doctordel 5.00 to go with his title? Then it becomes ................................a cash COW.

  2. The pinnacle of my week, I truly appreciate your momentary lapse of reason.


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