Thursday, December 5, 2013

Daily Turismas: Junk Bonanza At A Discount- T-Shirts, Mugs, Hoodies And Donate To Charity ReachOutWW

Just in time for Christmas you can bombard your loved ones with custom Daily Turismo logo merchandise available here on our Society6 store...but wait there is more...the DT junk is currently offered at a $5 off each item discount (good through Dec 8th) and free shipping!!

The prices are a bit more than the $2 thrift store t-shirt collection that we are used to and we had planned on getting orders from our readers and work with a local t-shirt supplier we know...but...someone suggested to use one of these turn-key outfits that give you almost none of the profit, but you just upload an image, let the buyer to pick colors, and stand back.  DONE!

DT's Society6 store is located here, but be sure to click on this special promo link to get the promo prices good through December 8th, 2013.

Got an idea for DT themed shirt/mug/toilet paper? email us here;

One more thing, DT won't make more than a few dollars on each t-shirt, mug, et cetera....but we aren't doing this to get rich and are planning on donating 100% of the profits we make from Society6 sales through the end of the year to Paul Walker's Reach Out World Wide charity for first responders.

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