Wednesday, December 4, 2013

An Austin, a ZIM and a ZAZ Walk Into a Bar...

DT regular commenter/tipper IgnatiusReilly sent us in a few gems he stumbled upon while shopping a few Eastern Block car listings.  The following are his words and pictures from
I stumbled across a few offbeat listings while searching a non-USA car site - an Austin, A ZIM and a ZAZ. These three submissions are a bit out of the way as far as location, but the listings are priceless.

The first is a 1969 Austin 3 Litre described as "old but kept well"
I'll let you be the judge of that. Astounding photography. A PPI is in order. Do you have any sources in Kampala?

DT Editor's note: it's missing a wheel...

The second is a 1954 ZIM Qaz 12 - whatever the hell that is.
From the ad copy: "The original owner of the car was a General of Soviet Secret Service. The car also has some features that others of its type never had. For instance we can say that there is mercury under the car wich makes it stable and many other features that can be seen upon request. " Ummm .... WTF .... All yours for for the low, low price of $643,050. An exchange is possible though. Just toddle off to Baku, Azerbaijan for a PPI.
Third is Vlad's own hoopty, a 1979 ZAZ 968, preserved by "special means"

"In case of interest to the given offer, is possible to make an independent expert appraisal of the given car, for official acknowledgement of the declared information, in Chamber of Commercial and industrial of Republic of Kazakhstan.

Shades of Borat. I'm speechless.

Got your own special collection of crazy cars? Send us an email; the worst that can happen is we post it up and give you credit:


  1. 424K Pounds for the ZIM. There is another one on the site for 33K. WOW. I'm going to have to pass at way over 1/2 a million bucks.

  2. But with the Zim you'd be the only one on your block with your personal, rolling haz-mat site!

  3. I believe the seller has spent too much time under that dash being exposed to mercury to have listed it at that price...

  4. It looks like many people here are looking for the original manufacturers specifications. I wanted to tell everyone about It has free access to all specs for almost every auto and truck ever built! Hope this helps some people. Thank you, Rashida, Ten Doves"


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