Friday, December 20, 2013

5k: Thorsday Trifecta: 1963-65 Volvo PV544 Collection

Certain cars seem to grow in lawns like mushrooms; turn your back on them on a cool fall day and suddenly 2 more spring up.  The  mushroom effect seems to be a complex value/cost relationship that can boiled down to this: It is cheaper to buy another Triumph/MG/Volvo/Studebaker than to buy a few replacement if you've got the lawn space, why not?  The Volvo PV544 fits into this category and today's seller has harvested his entire crop and is offering them at market prices.  Find this collection of three 1963-65 Volvo PV544s for sale in Santa Cruz, CA for $6,000 via craigslist.  Tip from Kaibeezy.

First up is a 1963 PV544 that is running and driving but needs some paint/body work to be complete.  It is powered by a B20 inline-4 from a later Volvo and shifted via a 5 speed manual transmission with overdrive.  This car should be worth near the current asking price with a decent paint job.

Next up is a project 1965 PV544 with B20 power and overdrive transmission.  With the front fenders removed the PV544 really looks like the 1942 Ford it was styled after.

The final PV544 is the real riddler of the group, a convertible-ized project that looks strangely like a Chrysler PT Cruiser.  Don't see it?  Here, check this out...

Now it looks like a PT Cruiser.

See a better three-pack?

1 comment:

  1. Steal of a deal, these are cool cars and the bullet proof B20 engine mated with the 5 speed with O/D is the way to go.



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