Tuesday, December 17, 2013

5k: Jaguarrrrrr: 1988 Jaguar XJS V12

Lots of people have an eye out for a good used Jaguar XJS- well at least the eye that isn't covered by a patch. It has a unique shape, baroque yet aggressive, what a pirate captain would drive. No surprise Keith Richards had one... and bloody well trashed it.  No members of the Stones have been in this 1988 Jaguar XJS V12 for sale in Pacifica, CA for $3,600 via craigslist.  Tip and words from Cap'n Kaibeezy.

This one looks decent and with 65k miles on the odometer it doesn't look like a beaten down scurvy dog. It is covered in the appropriate color for a pirate ship - pearly black.   This not-so-innocent victim would be a good candidate for a V8 and/or manual trans swap, at no small cost in doubloons and hard labor.

One well-regarded engine swap kit -- with either some or all parts, connectors and hoses -- was $800 to $1500, engine not included. They estimated 18 to 24 hours labor to install if the replacement engine is slowly extracted with as many parts remaining attached as possible, substantially more if the heart is hacked out with a rusty cutlass.

Transmission swaps, auto or manual, are argued for and against with rum-fuelled gusto. But unless you've got a hook hand and/or peg leg, it's hard to imagine going to all the trouble of swapping the engine and not the trans...and the peg-leg rear end needs to go as well unless ye want to be scrabbling around like a cat on a freshly swabbed deck.

And for the family pirate guys, check the booty on this ultra-rare XJS Lynx shooting brake variant, with trans swap offered for £75,000 in the UK.  See another V12 powered classic you schooner drive?  tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. The steering wheel alone is worth the price of admission

  2. Does anyone know if those rubber bumper strips on the leading edge can be removed?? In my mind's eye, that deletion would clean up the front a wee bit. These always seemed so badass when me and my kid brothers would catch sight of one during parent-chauffeured daily drives with us in the back (and back back) of the Vanagon BITD. The only Jag to be awarded the 'cool car' moniker when one of us saw it first; as in: "That XJS is in MY cool cars!"

    1. ~ XJ6 Coupe [and XJ12-C] takes coolest Jaguar. [touring class] -

  3. ~ i once had an '84 XJS with a GM 350 and automatic. it was well built and very reliable. as Cap'n Kaibeezy warned the one-leg non-posi is a step down for sure. they are first class touring cars.

  4. Please stop encouraging replacing that glorious V12 with American V8 garbage. Please.

    1. My good chap, do be a lad and stop encouraging replacing that glorious British V12 with American V8 rdrdrrrubbish. And mind that you do.

      There, fixed it for ya.


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