Sunday, December 8, 2013

2k: A Challenger Appears: 1995 Dodge Neon ACR

The following article is written by DT commenter slowcarSLOW-MPGlolThe first-generation Dodge Neon replaced the handy yet forgettable Dodge Shadow. But it was so bad, Dodge retired its name and introduced the Avenger, which was so bad, Dodge retired its name and re-introduced the Dart. But fewer parts should correlate with statistically fewer problems, right? Buy this factory stripped-out and race-theme-painted 1995 Dodge Neon ACR for $2,500 in Williamson, WV.

The Neon was built to steal sales from the Japanese (which it didn't) by offering extra power in a reliable (HA!), safe (oh come on) and well-equipped (not even close) package. This one is equipped with the ACR package, a backronym for American Club Racer. The ACR package didn't include a hi-po power plant like the SRT-4 did, but instead went the "less is more" route championed by Porsche's RS and, recently, Lamborghini's Superleggera.

Buy this car and you'll end up with a stripper of a Neon, plus a few bolt-on upgrades that can be removed for SCCA Solo's G Stock competition in your local autocross. That way, you can spend more time clipping apexes and avoiding cones and less time wondering which life choice brought you to owning a 1997 Dodge Neon.

If anything, you could buy it as a constant reminder to why Neon is a four-letter word in the automotive community.

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Another huge thanks to slowcarSLOW-MPGlol to sending in this tip (and a few others to come in the next day or two) complete with a functioning story to surround the images!    


  1. Yes, nice work! You're not kidding about safety. Wikipedia says: In 2005, the [IIHS] carried out side impact tests on 14 small car models, simulating an impact with an SUV. Among these, the Neon performed the worst. IIHS stated that the Neon had “...major problems beginning with its structure. This car is a disaster...The structure is poor...If this had been a real driver in a real crash, it’s likely it wouldn’t have been survivable...if safety is a priority, the Neon is a small car to be avoided.” Bleh.


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