Saturday, December 21, 2013

15k: Daily Haulrismo: 2010 Kaufman 5-Car 5th Wheel Trailer

The first thing they tell you at any Junky Car Anonymous meeting is "stay away from enablers;" at least that is what Doctordel told me (a regular JCA participant), because I don't have a car problem and I don't need help (Hunsbloger: Haha - try asking his wife!).  The truth is, I'm an enabler, I find ways for friends to buy cars and help them get them home, which is why I can't think of better feature than a cheap five-car hauler.  Find this 2010 Kaufman 5-car 5th wheel trailer for sale in Milpitas, CA for $13,999 via craigslist.  Tip from the king of enabling car purchases in the SF Bay area, Kaibeezy.

The Kaufman 5-car hauler is a beginners car hauler setup and costs about $20k new (cheap for a trailer) but it could potentially offer a way for haul and store your coterie of Volvo 1800s.

A small 5th wheel trailer like this one is designed to be hooked up to a large pickup for hauling duties.  The kingpin on the trailer hooks up to a horseshoe shaped piece in the pickup bed, directly over the rear axle, and the end result is that you can haul home a batch of 5 cars. This could also double as an elevated parking place for your cars if parking in your area is an issue.

Just be sure to check with your local and state laws regarding trailers because this could put you into a grey area of almost commercial grade hardware, but it is best to keep this kind of thing "recreational" for parking and registration purposes.  See a better way to haul home five parts cars that doesn't involve five of your friends?


  1. Never would have thought these were this cheap. Could be a good mobile garage option...

  2. Three cars on the top deck? I dunno. Looks engineered for very small lightweight cars to me. I would not put any of mine on this thing. You get what you pay for boy & girls.

    Oh wait! It says 5 Minis right on the front of it, so there you have it. Good for 5 Minis

  3. Uhh, hello?? Did you not hear the man mention the utopian coterie of 1800s?

    My digs are unencumbered by pesky HOAs and their bourgeois 'no trailer' killjoy asses. My wife's opinion, OTOH... Besides, my goal is to have my garages/driveway look like an impromptu VCA meeting anyway, so the trailer would just mar the scene.

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