Thursday, December 19, 2013

10k: Lost In The Woods: 1988 Saleen Ranger

Steve Saleen was a former racing driver who started his own aftermarket tuning company in Southern California in 1983.  Saleen Performance rapidly became a small automotive OEM (similar to Shelby Automotive) and as such released cars that while based on (and using parts from) Ford's Mustang; they were technically according to the Dept of Transportation, a Saleen.  The company's future has been in question recently as Steve left in 2009 and various questionable MBA run entities have owned it, sold it, and gone bankrupt, but recent twitter activity indicates that Steve may have rejoined the company.  Find this 1988 Saleen Ford Ranger for sale in  Arvada, CO currently bidding for $8,600 reserve-not-met with a few hours to go. 

According to internet sources Saleen built 27 of the custom bodied long-bed Rangers in 1988 as a way to dip his feet into the truck market.  Unfortunately the Saleen Ranger only added cosmetic touches to the Ranger and did little to help performance for what was essentially an economy-work truck.

The 2.9 liter  Cologne V6 was good for 140 horsepower, the same specs as any Ranger from the Ford factory.

   All Saleens were delivered with 5-speed gearbox and this one is no exception.

See a better Saleen custom for less? email us here:

Seen on opposite lock via arch-duke-maxyenko.


  1. No need to base it on twitter feeds, he most definitely bought his company back.

  2. If it's been kept in a museum then why does it need a cheap plastic bed-liner?

  3. This specific truck was a non-seller back in late November for $7k or thereabouts. For a 25 year old 4x2 Ranger with a broken fuel gauge and "cool" (not cold) A/C, the price is a bit steep for my blood. Uniqueness factor is there, however, and I'm a sucker for unique cars.

    I saw one of these for sale on the Ranger Station back in 2010 for $10k with ~30,000 miles. If I remember correctly it ended up changing hands for $8k and some kind of trike made out of what at one point was a respectable Harley Davidson.


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