Friday, October 4, 2013

Unicorn hUnters: Find It! Feed The Impulsive Side With A Good Piazza

A chill fills the air and all in the room are silent as the magic 8-ball has spoken.  For the premier installment of Unicorn hUnters: Ask,Find,Post the target vehicular unicorn is....the Giugiaro designed Isuzu Impulse, known by its worldwide name as the Piazza, (as requested by DT regular Andrew Liss.)  The specific request is for a 1991 Impulse RS Turbo AWD, but feel free to post in comments or email us any good examples you find, especially the earlier (1980-1990) rear-wheel-drive versions with suspension tuned by Lotus (1987+).  Now, go to your local craigslist, flea-market or kijijijiji and find us a good Impulse. Please!

image from

Turn the Impulse drives up to warp seven and find us some good stuff!!  Comment below or email us at:

Don't feel limited to the US cars only, we would love to see some examples from Japan, Australia, Middle East and the cetera.


  1. There is one!

    And a couple older


    1. WOT GoPro vid, yes please.

    2. Holy front overhang Batman! I'd forgotten how long of a schnoz this car has. But in dark grey, it looks like a bizarro DeLorean. Not bad, if you're a fan of the 1980s.

    3. Thanks, John! The one in Scranton is very much right up my alley. Good price and looks to be very fast. After watching the video footage I am jealous of the car as well as the twisty stretches of road he has to drive it on.

  2. Andrew Liss, Unicorn Hunter extraordinaire...


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