Saturday, October 19, 2013

Reader Rides: DT Sticker Pics

Last week we sent out a few stacks of DT stickers (actually ran out of them because we didn't print enough in the first batch, but we are getting more on the way) and just got the first DT sticker pic from Story V who send us a few pics of a sticker on his car.

The Daily Turismo man looks great next to the faded PCA sticker on this window and we'll let our readers play a game of guess the car (comments below!).

If you've got your own DT sticker'd up ride, please send us your pics.  Just be sure to wear pants...and a shirt if you look like the Fiat Spider


  1. '67 911? How does one score a DT sticker? Would look sharp on my 1995 525it.

  2. You never said how we could just buy one.

  3. Hard mode: guess the car in the reflection. My first thought was BMW X5 or X3, but I don't think it's either.


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