Tuesday, October 15, 2013

?K: Priceless: 1968 Cadillac El Doradamino

So let's start by saying you find this cool craigslist ad for a rare factory supercharged 1954 Kaiser Manhattan - which is cool because you didn't even know Kaiser ever built a supercharged car much less that you could buy for..well...no price is listed, but it looks like heap so it has to be cheap...right?  Anyway, you are checking out the Manhattan when all of a sudden there is a picture of a strange Cadillac...an El Dorado that has been given the El Camino treatment.  Find this 1968 Cadillac El Dorado-Camino for sale in Bellevue, WA for an undisclosed dollar figure via craigslist.

How can you sell an El Camino'd Cadillac El Dorado and not include a thorough description of what you've got...or an asking price?  If there was a "worst of craigslist" button this would have been pressed many times by now...

Under this two-tone hood is a 472 cubic inch Cadillac engine set up to haul around the two-ton beast - rated at 375 horsepower and mated to the front wheels only.  The nice thing about the front drive El Camino is that bed space isn't compromised by a pesky rear differential.

The few photos available from the seller shows boats and all sorts of other crap surrounding this rare unicorn, but the car itself is in decent shape aside from need a good bath. Judging by the quality of the bed stampings and chrome trim, this looks like a professionally done conversion. Perhaps a funeral flower car? We've seen similar coachbuilt Cadaminos like the "Mirage" models built by Traditional Coach Works in CA, and the flower car driven by Curtis (Cab Calloway) in The Blues Brothers. But those all seem to be based on the fullsize, rear drive Cadillac chassis.

See a better El Camino'd classic? email us here: tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. Isn't that a funeral flower car?

  2. Wow, the ad is very stream of consciousness...

  3. I like the clothes-line belt on the Supercharger for the Kaiser

    1. Wow...hadn't noticed that before. Some of these ads are like reading a Where's Waldo book for car guys.

    2. Looks like a perfectly cromulent solution to me.

  4. People sure are funny. Seller wishes to move a Kaiser Manhattan which is a now rare and always was an unusual car.....with little info for a potential buyer to decide whether to call. Then he throws in a FrankenCaddy with no details as to the build.. Add in unintelligible info and presto......the phones ring off the hook!

    I dunno

  5. LOVE the Caddy. Talk about the potential to be the coolest moto/bicycle transport around.


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