Thursday, October 10, 2013

DTO: High Society: 1962 Jaguar Mk 2 Sedan

The Jaguar Mk 2 sedan  is one of the most beautiful 4-door saloon cars ever built.  Once the getaway car for gangsters trying to flee the rozzers and now a refuge from the humdrum dullness of just about everything else on the road, a classic Mk 2 will fetch a handsome sum in nice shape.  However, the asking price for this feature is extremely steep and may need another go-around or two before it finds a buyer.  Find this 1962 Jaguar Mk 2 sedan with Ford V8 power for sale in Saint Cloud, FL for $29,495 or best offer via ebay.

It has been our philosophy at DT to only post cars that are a good deal (okay, sometimes we find an ad that is too funny not to share too...and then there are the "specials"...not really a philosophy as a grey guideline) and avoid the overpriced crap that litters ebay, craigslist, hemmings, etc.  Unfortunately this car is just too cool to pass up, sticker shock notwithstanding. 

Underneath the minty clean exterior is a well sorted Ford 302 V8, complete with an aluminum radiator that looks like it was born to live in the pointy Mk 2 nose.  The only odd part of the setup is the cattywampus bright blue spark plug wire'da thunk with all the detail that went into creating this ad those blue wires would be cleanly routed from distributor to plugs.

The interior is as minty clean as the outside and we can forgive the lack of clutch pedal because this isn't a track monster, this is a cruiser.

  Maybe the seller will let it go for $15k shipped?  Till next time its on ebay...


  1. Pass. Without the original sweet engine this car is diminished.

    1. I understand the sentiment but with original cars getting pricier, this seems like a reasonable option if you just want a fun cruiser and aren't worried about originality. I wouldn't pay $29k for it, but as DT has suggested, $15k would be sweet.


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