Sunday, October 20, 2013

5k: YesER! 1991 Nissan Sentra SE-R

We've been on the prowl for a stock Nissan Sentra SE-R for a while, but they seem to be hard to find in anything other than "plywood wing and mismatched body panel" configuration.  It's a great situation if you are in the hunt for a 24 Hrs of LeMons car, but for someone looking for cheap fast-ish transportation that you could use to drive your family around, it's like trying to find the beach in Oklahoma.  So when regular tipper Cory sent us a seller submission for his stock looking SE-R, we couldn't say no!  Find this 1991 Nissan Sentra SE-R for sale in Norwalk, CT for $5,000 via vwvortex forums.  Seller submission from Cory.

Now, we say "stock looking" because this SE-R looks stock but according to the seller is modified as follows:
Cold air intake, header, borla catback exhaust, front control arm brace, front strut brace, front and rear progress sway bars, shigspeed koni coilovers, adjustable camber plates, larger nismo radiator, nx front brakes, nice cd player with tweeter in the doors, B14 15" wheels with close to new 205/50/15 tires, gti-r steering wheel.

The SE-R SR20DE twin-cam engine puts out 140 horsepower and 132 ft-lbs of torque.  It was put to the pavement through a 5-speed manual gearbox with limited slip differential - both unique to the SE-R trim.

The SE-R was equipped with a unique set of sport seats and this one has a steering wheel from a GT-R - but overall looks decent for a car with 110k miles on the odometer.

See a better front drive 90s classic for less? email us here:


  1. B13 SE-R FTW - nice one! - i've been keeping an eye out for these, always seem to be over-modded and/or totally trashed $600 and/or bad paint

  2. While the B13 SE-R might not win a lot of performance contests now, it was a big deal in the early 90's. Relatively light and tossable, with enough power to hold back it's contemporaries. This is the version we should have gotten when my wife instead chose a red GXE automatic. At least she had the dealer install an OEM SE-R wing, so it looked kinda like an SE-R...just without any meaningful performance. I do think the clean design has aged very well (black and red were definitely the colors to have). Not a big deal, but the B15 wheels aren't doing it for me. $5K strikes me as a bit high for a 116K mile car, but as noted, there's not a lot of decent B13 SE-R's out there. GLWTS though - please sell it to someone who will enjoy it and treat it well.

  3. This is my car. The suspension set up is what really sets it apart. The sway bars and shigspeed/koni coilovers transform a already good handling car into something special. These cars come with no suspension travel so most lowering springs absolutely ruin the ride.

    It is very easy to make these cars faster between the many turbo options and Neo VVL engines.

  4. MassoklacaliganderOctober 20, 2013 at 8:51 PM

    "trying to find the beach in Oklahoma" ignores Oklahoma's many miles of beaches. They just happen to be lake front rather than ocean front. Their cars are also free of tin-worm, unlike some of northeastern states with ocean front beaches!

  5. I looked for a while for one of these and found one sitting @ a shop near me.Same as this one Black 91 SER had a blown motor so i bought it for 1K and the shop got me a crate motor from Japan. Had to use some bits off the old motor as pulleys and water outlets were different . Very fun car sold it with no reserve on Flea bay for $3500.00 should have gotten more for it but .....snooze you loose

  6. Be careful what you ask for ?

  7. What a great DD. And since it's already been modified, you could drive it as it was meant to be driven, and not feel obligated to preserve it for when these things inevitably start trading for big bucks.

  8. Just to clarify, I think the steering wheel's from a Pulsar GTi-R, not anything with a GT-R trim (what could that be?). These are great cars, the seller's done well by grabbing the larger NX brakes. Should be fun.


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