Thursday, October 17, 2013

5k: Thorsday Restomod: 1963 Volvo 122/Amazon 2-door

The Volvo Amazon is a mid-sized classic frequently seen on the pages of DT because it is inexpensive and built like a tank.  With the stock engine it will be heifer slow and the stock suspension makes it handle like a pregnant cow, so we prefer a lightly restomodded version for basic transportation.  Find this 1963 Volvo 122/Amazon 2-door for sale in Portland, OR for $6,200 via craigslist. (price and link updated 11AM PST)

The Amazon was designed all the way back in the early 50's, started rolling out of the factory in 1956, and in typical Volvo stubborn fashion it soldiered on all the way through 1970 with very few changes. It's a car with strong shoulders - the greenhouse is a bit narrower than the doors and body below, giving some shape to the sides. This car does not look like the box that it came in.

This Amazon is powered by a recently refreshed B20F (2.0 liters, for a slight bump over the stock 1.8 liter B18) that is probably good for around 130 horsepower (give or take).  Shifting is accomplished via a 4-speed manual with Laycock de Normanville planetary electric overdrive. Suspension is tightened up with a set of ipd lowering springs, shocks and anti-roll bars.

The inside sports some BMW Recaro seats from an E30-generation 3-series and some FatMat, but is missing a few pieces of carpet.  Bottom line: if you are a looking for a decent condition classic to run/drive for a few years and not lose too much money, this thing is a great candidate.

See a better cheap restomod? email us here:


  1. Apparently this car is not available.

    1. Link updated - looks like seller re-listed with lower price.

  2. i love Amazons. even ones with interiors in need of attention.

  3. Are those wheels from... a Ford Ranger?

    Love the look of this one, and unlike many other wheel transplants, this one actually works... well.

    1. Yah- Ford Ranger. The Prancing Moose emblems are a hoot.

      6200 I think is a little high, but not unreasonable.


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