Friday, October 25, 2013

5k: Grey Matter: 1985 BMW 323i E30 Baur Targa

The BMW E30 323i was not exported to North America, so we yanks never got the L-jetronic fuel injected M20B23 inline-6.  After 25 years of age, foreign-market cars can be legally imported into the US and this one has reportedly been through the rigorous California BAR certification process and has been 50-state legal for the past 10 years.  Find this 1985 BMW 323i Baur Targa for sale in Allentown, PA for $6,250. Tip from David K.

The Baur Targa was a coachbuilt conversion from Karosserie Baur that created a convertible style top - but left some of the original roof structure and allows multiple open-top configurations. The 323i is powered by the M20B23 inline-6 that puts out 150 horsepower into a 5-speed manual gearbox.

This vintage BMW advertisement scan from includes some details on how the Baur Targa top works and what it looks like open (on the earlier E21 3-Series), but we do wish the seller of this example included some better pics.

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