Saturday, October 5, 2013

5k: Fart Can: 1972 MG Midget Mk III

The MG Midget, and badge engineered Austin-Healey Sprite, were a pair of small roadsters from BMC and commonly referred to as the Spridget.  They are cheap and plentiful all over craigslist, but today's feature stands out of the crowd for a few reasons.  Find this 1972 MG Midget for sale in Long Beach, CA for $3,700 via craigslist.

The ad starts with the following statement:
I actually had the kid sitting in the chair in the 6th pictures fart near the car to bring the car good luck. And I tell you as I stand here today, golly oh yeah it worked. The kid is named bobert, and I believe that bobert farts bring luck. Why else would he constantly be farting all day?
Not much to add here, but the asking price isn't bad for a car that looks good, runs fine and is "all original." 

The Midget is powered by a 1.3 liter inline-4 that puts out 54.5 horsepower (that extra 0.5 is important when you consider the HP scale...).  The seller continues with wierd statements such as "Call me anytime day or night" and "You have to call repeatedly until I answer because I am bad at calling people back."

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  1. Fun little car, had one in '69. Person in photo could use a fashion consultant, just sayin'.

  2. What a Dumb ad no its not cute....

  3. rip up that metro turbo and make this thing into an all english screamer.

  4. I loved the part where, after building up the confidence to call him anytime day or night, he then states to "call often" because he does not answer his phone much, nor very often, and if he calls back, it takes a while to get around to it! Weird!??

  5. This ad brings to mind 2 words that so well explain 90% of the great state of CA: recreational marijuana.

  6. With the fart joke and the "butthole valley" comment, I think the seller likes things that are small, tight and full of shit. Just like the car and it's unreliable 5hp engine.


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