Tuesday, October 29, 2013

20k: Vainity Vair & Hot Air: 1966 Chevrolet Corvair Corsa Turbo Convertible

While still scratching our heads over the admittedly great looking, but incredibly over-bid Volvo 122S we featured the other day (which closed yesterday at an amazing price of $36,100) we came across this beautifully restomodded 1966 Chevrolet Corvair Turbo Convertible for sale on Ebay offered for sale in Dallas Texas by Starwood Motors, for a market high price out of $22,888. Read on for more ranting about the market.

Figuring that the tasteful updates and excellent photography employed by Cascadia Classic on ebay probably added $15-20K to the price the bidding frenzy on the Volvo 122S which was like a (pick your pejorative simile for  scummy drunkards trying to pick up a hot chick); what's good for the (insert word for Swedish goose) should certainly be good for this Texas gander! While it may be the original Lemonwood Yellow color, its certainly not the original paint.  The paint looks recently refreshed, with the picture below showing signs that several replacement parts were installed prior to the glamor shots being taken.

The original fawn vinyl interior has been replaced with very tastefully reupholstered and slightly overstuffed and pleated seats and door cards.  While these are tasteful and look great, they are certainly not original.  This is another case of 'other people's money' where the mods have to match the taste of the buyer, not the seller.  The buyers looking for an original Turbo convertible are probably shaking their heads, while those looking for a more streetable Corvair may be licking their chops.

We're admirers of both the Volvo 122S and the '65-69 Corvairs and think both are solid investments when they can be found for the right price.  We suspect the new owner of the Volvo has awakened with an incredible "I overbid!" hangover, from which there will be no recovery for the next several years.   Even though the Corvair market is starting to come into its own, $16-18K would be the absolute top of the market for this restomodded Turbo-Vair as far as we're concerned.  Of course, we'll yield to the people who have the money to bid this car as they may regard this as the perfect scratch for their boxer itch.  Corvairs work for us because they're an alternative to many of the hyper-inflated cars that we're starting to see on Ebay lately.

Who doesn't love a good '73 911 RSR...but $65k for a fake one?  No thanks.

DT doesn't applaud new market highs because we're all about finding the best cars for the least amount of money, not seeing who can set the new market high for a decent car!  We're outraged by careless overspenders who ruin it for the rest of us, causing us to watch formerly desirable and nearly affordable cars escalate away in prices that are the result of frenzied old men who are bidding to impress their girlfriends rather than buying a car for the right price.  The effects of these wacked-out outlier sales take a while for the market to shake off because we'll now have to wait as all the overspending speculators come into the market with their refurbished flips which they are hoping will will turn them into the next reality show. You know, Hunting For Healeys, or Ferriting Out Ferraris, or Barn Find Bavarias!

See a ridiculously high priced (something) send it to the site that doesn't even encourage driving it home. But, if you can find a great up-and-coming car for a rock bottom price... let us know, 'cause we'll want to feature it here so that someone else can not just drive it like they stole it, but grin from ear to ear knowing that they also stole it in terms of its market price. Email us here: tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. Non original colors, interior, etc. There should be a steep discount for this odd venture away from "stock", but instead we have the most expensive Corvair on the planet.

  2. ~ 'pejorative simile for scummy drunkards trying to pick up a hot chick'
    heynow, i resemble that remark.

  3. Well put, DT. All of it.

    A suggestion: have your web coders come up with a way to post via mobile that is more user friendly and less cumbersome. Posting with iPhone is pretty rough. You cannot correct your entry without having to refresh the whole page, thus deleting your response. And the captcha will not auto center, making it impossible to see the text without manually adjusting the screen, which then also makes further text input impossible without refreshing the page.

  4. @del - i've found that when the text field won't take input, you can click the Done button on your little virtual keyboard, then tap back in the text box and it will let you type more - no refers necessary - give it a try! cheers

  5. "refers" sb "refresh" - dang autocorrect

  6. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to comment on that crazy pricing of $36k for the 122s!!! ....and just when my wife was talking me into getting rid of my 67 Amazon 122s wagon project in the exact same color, then I see this happen!! What's a guy to do?! ...Thanks for talking sensibly to us about what things SHOULD be selling for...


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