Wednesday, October 9, 2013

20k: LSD Project: 1965 Chevrolet Corvette 327 4-spd

People did a lot of drugs in the '70s. Folks took all kinds of stuff that and they didn't always know what was in it or what the side effects would be. The guy who painted today's feature probably thought he was skiing in the Alps and directing the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  In fact it was a can of black spray paint and not a baton whirling through the air, and he was likely pissed the next day when he came out to the garage to find his Corvette looking like an abandoned freight car.  Find this 1965 Chevrolet Corvette coupe with 327 V8 and 4-speed manual on ebay in Ventura CA, currently bidding for $20,099 with 2 days to go.

Waking from a drug induced stupor to find the Vette looking this bad is the only good reason "Larry" would have left this car sit since 1982.  Expect to pay a king's ransom to get California to let you drive this car on the street again.  The DMV fees (if it wasn't non-opped) are some of the best performing investments that the state of CA has ever had!!

DT's resident paint guru CFlo mentions that the un-rattle-canned portion of the paint is actually not a bad example of "panel painting" a hot rod style of paint perfected by the great and late Larry Watson.  Read more about Mr Watson at

The engine is a 327 cubic inch V8 that would have put out somewhere between 250 and 375 horsepower depending on which of the original 18 combinations of engine, trans, & accessories available when new.  No word on this being "numbers matching" either, but that would certainly be something to consider before putting any bid down on this...thing.

This was a well equipped car at one time (judging by the telescope wheel and electric windows), but there is something wrong with the shifter/transmission set up.  That shifter shouldn't travel back that far for 2nd/4th.

All joking aside this is about the cheapest C2 Vette you'll find and perhaps it just needs a new paint job and some mechanical reconditioning.  When you dig into the paint/body you'll find out if this is all original or some kind of fiberglass reconstructed Frankenvette and by then you'll be so far into the hole that you'll just keep throwing money at it.  Who knows in the 10 years it takes to get it restored the C2 market may have taken another huge leap upward and reached Volkswagen 23-window Bus levels!  Get it now and the seller will throw in his large collection of orange "Homer" buckets for free!


  1. I dig the "peace" sign that's accidentally a Mercedes logo on the fuel filler cap.

  2. A little bit of rubbing compound used very lightly will remove the rattle can black and probably bother the paint underneath at all.
    California DMV non-op fees are easily avoided by registering it in New York first.
    not my cup of whatever but cleaned up and left as a 1970s relic it would be a lot of fun

  3. Hey I'm insulted!.........if anybody was getting high in the sixties or seventies they would be painting a Volkswagen 23-window Bus .....not a Corvette. Unless of course it was Janis Joplin and then it was a Porsche

    1. Is that the Presidio in the background? Cool pic! Wait...are you Larry? If so, give us more info!!

    2. Not the Presidio (but nearby); that's the Palace of Fine Arts. Also seen during the Nicholas Cage / Sean Connery epic "The Rock."

    3. The peace symbol in the gas cap is priceless.

  4. Help me out here- The engine photo has appears to show a cast iron exhaust manifold but the exterior shot looks like long headers leading into the side pipes. What is going on? Fake side pipes or is the engine photo older and out of sync with later mods?
    I gotta say, I really rather like it as is. It is a neat time piece. I might try to buff off the rattle can black but it actually doesn't bother me too much.


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