Friday, October 4, 2013

20k: Fast And Loose: 2001 Porsche 996 TwinTurbo

Tonight we bring you a quick one for the DT "night" crowd...and for our readers in Australia and Asia (yes, we are talking about Pierce and Daniel respectively.) The Porsche 911 Turbo was a monster when introduced for the 996 generation - pounding 415 horsepower into the pavement via all four wheels.  The 996 Turbo cost more than $111k when new, but apparently you can expect to save $90k when buying a used one.  Find this 2001 Porsche 911 Turbo for sale in an undisclosed place in the USA (but it looks like Florida in the pics) currently bidding on ebay for $20,700 with a few hours to go.

 This Porsche 911 has a few issues, starting first with the obvious (and hideous) body kit and continuing to the autocheck results.  Its been in at least one accident and had a theft recovery, but you aren't going to care about title issues the first time you stomp on the loud pedal and feel the thrust of its modified 615 horsepower engine.  As much as we would love to explain how the additional 200 ponies came into existence, the seller gives almost zero information about the car in the single paragraph description, which explains the low bidding price.

The 996 generation 911 water cooled flat-6 engines aren't known for extreme reliability, but there are few cars that could match its performance for the same asking price.  Just pull out the front differential and build this into a fake GT2, which is easy according to internet forums since the Porsche AWD system is purely mechanical.  Enjoy the tire smoke!


  1. This one has not-so-mysteriously disappeared. I'd try to be upset but I'd feel pretty terrible for whomever ended up buying this, it looks like a lot of expensive bills are to be expected here

  2. I imagine this is how it feels when you're reunited with the hottest girl in your high school 15 years later, and she's riddled with the scars of a life in the fast lane...


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