Thursday, October 31, 2013

1k: Henchmen Ride: 1966 Dodge Coronet 318 Sedan

Loyal henchmen willing to die in a gun fight with the police or at the treacherous hands of the bat-freak are difficult to find.  First, you've got to find some poor sap who is willing  to be loyal beyond a shadow of a doubt, follow your commands to the letter with no questions and step in front of bullets, knives or batarangs thrown in your general direction. Some of these poor idiots have families and per Evildoer guild regulation 2.1.1 you've got to have an orphan/widow slush fund setup for when these poor suckers get whacked.  For this reason I try to get my henchmen into a cheap vehicle that gives them the best chance of surviving a few crashes/gun fights but slow enough to not have them catch up with the Batmobile and get aced.  A classic Dodge Coronet fits the bill perfectly!  Find this 1966 Dodge Coronet 318 V8 sedan for sale in Escondido, CA for $1,500 via craigslist.

Fifteen hundred bucks doesn't buy you much these days, heck it'll barely get you a good purple Armani suit and a pair of green wingtips.  But this 1966 Dodge Coronet is 3500 lbs of steel that will look great with a Joker face painted on the side.

This particular Coronet will need some reconditioning before it can be used to win car show awards, but for trying to run over the Batman, this thing is perfect.  No need for working AC, heater, whatever - as long as the gas, steering and maybe brakes work, this thing is ready for business. 

See a better henchman ready squad car? email the joker here:


  1. What's the handkerchief for?

  2. 2doors 2many. Perfect for carrying a squad sized element of evil doers, not perfect for winning beauty contests.

  3. These used to show up in Dragnet all the time. Perfect squad car too. You have to wonder who would "low rider' this? Or at least have a taste for velour poker playing dog pictures.

  4. Perry here. Henchmen are good medium-sized employees for assisting in my standard crime business dealings. But I prefer "goons" --- The larger-type henchmen for direct personal protection. 3 goons will cover my needs in most of my underworld meetings.
    A staff of "minions" is nice to have to conduct the behind-the-scenes day to day operations. I like to have them supervised by middle management types known as "lackeys" They are often minions that have been promoted up the ranks because of their longtime loyal service.
    Agreed that this car is great & well-priced henchportation. Btw, A recent meeting / exchange I had did not go very smoothly. As a result, I'm now taking applications for a few key positions.

  5. handkerchief is an emergency facemask. looks like a fresh ride.

  6. Ad says not altered what about those pimp my ride wheels .....They Suck !

    1. I wouldn't be as worried about the idiot wheels as I would the missing heater controls or the center dash panel.

  7. Bill- You are worried about a non-op heater on a $1500 car?


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