Sunday, October 6, 2013

15k: Seller Submission: 2008 Infiniti G35S

The Infiniti G35 was introduced to the world in 2003 and quickly became a legitimate competitor to the BMW 3-series. It featured a big six cylinder engine, rear-wheel-drive and 6-speed manual gearbox, something you couldn't get from an Acura, Mercedes, Audi or Lexus.  Some say it even beat BMW at the small luxo sedan game, at least for a few years before BMW started bolting turbos onto everything that moves.  Find this 2008 Inifinti G35S with 6-spd for sale in Freeport, ME. Seller submission from DT reader Johnathan H. 

The fourth generation G (internally designated the V36) was first released in 2007 and featured an upgraded engine, chassis, etc.  The one to get has a G35S badge on the back and a manual gearbox underneath...pretty much everything else doesn't matter.

The G35 is powered by the VQ35, a 3.5 liter V6 that puts out 306 horsepower in HR spec and is mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox.  The VQ has been used in everything from the compact Altima SER to the Nissan NV light commercial van - and its reliability is well proven.

Miles are just a bit above 100k, probably the reason for the considerable price break over MSRP (~$35k when new) for a 5 year old car.

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  1. Yuppie performance car. If beating people out at stop lights on your way to the mall or office appeals to you, this is your car.

  2. Hate to even bring it up, but 100k in Maine is equal to 200k elsewhere. This looks very well kept, and as it's RWD, I can only hope that it avoided the calcium road salt slurry that acts like steroids to the tinworm during the 8 months of winter up there. It really is "that" bad. Junkyards in Maine are full of 2004 and newer cars with rotted floorboards and wheel arches/rocker panels because of that stuff. Anyhow, GLWS, just a word of caution to the non-New Englanders who look at this car as a steal w/o knowing what lurks beneath... put it on a lift with a flashlight and a screwdriver before you purchase. Look under the plastic body cladding wherever possible.

    Or not, as again, its RWD and was likely spared the worst of the winter (most people just buy a $1000 winter beater and keep their summer cars in the garage when the white stuff flies).

    1. 104K on a 2008 means nearly 20K miles/year - easily year-round use in salty Maine. It's well equipped with the right transmission, but $14K still seems a little steep.

  3. ...and would it have killed ya to wait for high tide (background)?

  4. Although the winters in Maine don't last eight months, and 100,000 miles here doesn't equal 200,000 elsewhere, and "most people" don't buy a $1,000 winter beater, we do have nine foot tides. So if I had waited for high tide, Anonymous, the car would have been under water.

    1. Raised in Maine (and MA) here (I'm the anon from the earlier 2 posts). 8 months was an exaggeration... more like 6. And I implore you, take a look underneath yourself, then compare/contrast with a similar vehicle from a place that doesn't use that brine garbage (Bangor Daily News had a good article on this last month). It really is night and day. Just because you don't see it on the surface doesn't mean it isn't there underneath.

      Though your Infiniti does look very well kept and is equipped with the correct gearbox which is a rarity, Maine is a meat grinder on cars, specifically the underbody components. People in Maine know this and expect it, but as this is a national forum it makes sense to prep some folks who might not be aware. It's new enough that it's likely salvageable if it leaves New England, but give it 2 - 3 more years in that same environment and you'll start to notice.


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