Thursday, October 10, 2013

10k: Mellow Yellow: 2003 Honda S2000 LS1 V8 Power

The S2000 is a sublime car to drive fast. Its rock-solid suspension, 9000 rpm redline and snick-snick smooth 6-speed all worked in perfect harmony to create a car almost too good for the average joe...logically it was canceled and replaced with a big empty gap in Honda's lineup.  One of the best parts of the S2000 was its crazy engine, but it is a bit low on power, so it only make sense that someone would drop a Chevy LS1 V8 between the fenders.  Find this 2003 Honda S2000 LS1 V8 for sale in West Memphis, AR currently bidding for $11.300 with one day to go.

The Honda S2000 was an experiment in roadster nirvana from Japan and was built from 1999 from 2009.  Expect a considerable bump in straight line speed with the addition of this 325 horsepower all-alloy V8 and 4160 automatic transmission.  The automatic is a bit unfortunate as the S2000 was never available with a slushbox from the factory, but it should still be a riot to drive around.

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  1. First one to 9krpm throws a rod.

  2. ~ god i love these LS conversions!! i might prefer a Mallett Sky but can't be sure til i drive each.

  3. For goodness sakes... and they didn't even have the decency to use a Tremec 6spd. I'm guessing a bunch of people here are asking the same, and more important, question: does the seller have the F20C and 6MT for sale separately?

  4. no interior pictures? is this idiot serious

  5. seeing that squeezed in has convinced me it must be possible to do the same with a Saturn Sky! :)
    I must own an LS1 Sky!

    1. They fit in a Solstice, so why not?


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