Tuesday, September 3, 2013

??k: Loony Labor Donk: A Buick And A Pontiac...

The final Loony Labor Day feature for this year comes out on Labor Tuesday...is that a real thing..? Nope, just made it up.  However, there is precedent because the first Labor Day was celebrated on a Tuesday in 1882 - actually the work of a NYC Labor Union flexing its muscles and "sticking it to the man."  Similar celebrations occur all over the world but in the form of pre-summer "May Day" celebrations, but the "Man" was anxious to not allow this sort of nonsense to blossom into full scale riots, so he usurped the holiday and created a national "Labor Day" holiday.  You can read a dry rendition written by the "Man" himself on the Department of Labor website, but you've probably got better things to do...like read about the pair of Buick and Pontiac Donks for sale in the SF Bay Area via craigslist.  Tip from Kaibeezy.

You may wonder what year this Buick was produced, but you aren't going to find out from the ad text...nor are you going to understand why only the rear half of the car is "decorated" in Donk fashion.

Whatever you do, don't google the term "Donk" and try to understand what's going on here; ignorance is bliss.  The second Donk for sale is a Pontiac GXP in purple, but don't expect a model year or asking price either, just be happy it is purple and doesn't have the front end decorated in a Toy Story 2 theme.

See more Loony Labor day cars for an undisclosed amount of money or '"trade for Mustang camaro Street bike dirt bike gas saver or? ????????? Wat u got ???"  Yeah... Don't email us...


  1. I really, really want to hate these cars and the people behind them. As I'm ripping into the donk'd 442 in front of us this morning on the way into work, my wife made a valid point: "At least they appreciate their cars... at least they're not driving Camry's. They may not be to your taste, but these people too are auto enthusiasts just like you are. They probably think your car is tacky and tasteless because it isn't donk'd." Valid point I suppose.

    1. Women are much more forgiving souls than we are, until you give them an opportunity to join you in your disgust, by driving one of these home.

  2. couldn't help myself, googled it - found this actually quite illuminating explanation and lots of photos that make these "donks" look almost like normal cars - http://www.classiccarstodayonline.com/2012/10/13/donks/ - for example, i did not know an alternate etymology of "donk" is that it refers to the impala logo on '71 to '76 impalas -- the archetypal proto-donk or ur-donk if you will -- with "donk" being short for "donkey"

    1. I agree - how is this any more objectionable than Stanced cars or Pro-Street/Pro-Touring rides that people just drive around and take to car shows. Suum cuique.

  3. @ OneFish TwoFish:

    Cogito Ergo Sum!


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